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Battlebots is an IRL-style DSL tournament started by Freeziez on June 26, 2011. It was soon taken over by MassimoV after Battlebots 5 failed to finish. It is a very popular tournament, currently in it's tennth incarnation.

Based off the real life competition.

Battlebots 1

The first Battlebots was a 16 robot tournament and it's winner was Thyrus

Competitors in Battlebots:

Conraaa with Advanced Australian Fair

GroudonRobotWars with 20% Cooler in 10 Seconds Flat

GarvinTheGreat with Death by Garvin

NFX with Freezerburn

Vertigo with Devilsome

Scrap Daddy with Unrelenting Force

R1885 with Rapture

MassimoV-Trebuche 2.5

027 LB with Nebula Belt

Badnik96 with Hard Drive

MikeNCR with MegaBit

123savethewhales with Hydralisk

Squirrel_Monkey with Drum Thing 2

Thyrus with Ryu-Kishin

dragonsteincole with Hellfrog

Preytor_4 with Social Misfit v5

BattleBots: Season 2

Battlebots: Season 2 was the second tournament in the Battlebots series of tournaments. It was 16 robot middleweight tournament, and it's winner was Urjak.

Battlebots: Season 2 Competitors:

FOTEPX with Toriodore 2

Enigma with iCeD_OuT

Madman3 with Rust Beetle

Skiitzzox220 with The Rainbro Mobile

ty4er with SunBurn

MassimoV with Pure Evil

Conraaa with King Crab

NFX with Revolutions Per Minute

Pressure with Precision Impact 3

R1885 with Son of Rapture

Squirrel_Monkey with Drum de Drum

Stagfish with Ziggerzank

MikeNCR with Wicked Tattoo

Scrap Daddy with RUSH

GroudonRobotWars - Wingboner

Urjak with Widow II

Battlebots 3: Reloaded

The third in the BattleBots series, it was the first to feature four weight classes in one tournament in the series. (much like the real life BattleBots) It featured lightweights, middleweights, heavyweights, and superheavyweights. With 8 robots in each weight class.

FOTEPX with El Fantasma and Toriodore 2

MikeNCR with Moros

Powerrave with Vague Entity

The Ounce with 8Rec and Vinyl Scratch'd 3

Clickbeetle with Epitath 2

Kurt Wylde with Tiny Titan and Axis

Squirrel_Monkey with Titanium Terror and Tri-Clone

Conraaa with Crab Jr. and Gummy

Wolfsbane with Stinger (Battlebots) and Hell's Chainsaw

Pressure with Juke 2


Goldenfox93 with War Bastard

COOLRUNNER87 with Flood 2

Badnik96 with Tracer Bullet

Preytor_4 with Social Misfit v5

Scrap Daddy with White Rhino

SKBT with DeathWish II and HeartBurn

MassimoV with Metal Shredder

GroudonRobotWars with 20% Cooler in 10 Seconds Flat

Somebody with Bout

Jack Daniels with Equalizer

Virus Bomb with First Blood

nicsan2009 with Prepare For Launch

Urjak with SHW- Totality

Dragonsteincole with Carbon Copy 3


Main article: B4ttlebots

Same format as Battle Bots 3: Reloaded

nicsan2009 with Watch Out, Top Comment, OUCH!, and Meet Your Doom

NFX with Watch Your Step!, Cage of Mirrors, and The Highlander 2

MassimoV with Metal Tearer, Metal Ripper, Metal Shredder, and Metal Melter

The Ounce with 8Rec, Vinyl Scratch'd 4, Skyrunner, and S.M.R.U.

Powerrave with Formless Entity, Almace, Maurzorium, and D-composition

Smashysmashy with FrogSpawn and Green Tree Frog

MikeNCR with Grave Robber, Snakebit, Nyx, and NyXL

FOTEPX with Shock Therapy, Toriodore's Revenge, and WarNado

ty4er with Bully, Roy II, and The Lie is a Cake

Conraaa with No More Mister Nice Guy and Eighth Day

Squirrel_Monkey with Ghost, Crimson Blades, Titanium Tyrant, and Octave of Speed

Pressure with Ironside MK IV

Masterath with 800, V-2, and Dioptase

Jonzu95 with Final Moment

SKBT with Drumbledore, SkidMark, New Low, and Death

Urjak with Redalgo, Shark, Titan, and Totality

Badnik96 with Infestation and Of No Return

Martymidget with Hadron 2

Dragonsteincole with Sir Lance-A-Frog, Carbon 4, Carbon Copy 3

COOLRUNNER87 with Flood 2.1

Goldenfox93 with Juggernaut and Pyromancer

Craaig with ShinigIRL and Crasp

Preytor_4 withSocial Misfit v5

Thyrus with Ryu-Kishin

Scrap Daddy with War Monger

R0B0SH4RK with Rampage

Battlebots 5

Same format as the last two tournaments. Most likely will not be finished, even thought the finals are the only fights that aren't posted.

NFX - 360, Taur 2, The Highlander 2, and Tritium

Smashysmashy - Your Final Croak, Bullfrog, and The Turbulator II

Badnik96 - Twillight Scream, Tracer Bullet, Critical Hit!, and Blade Ace

MassimoV - Patriotism 2, Angered Mystery 2, Garrison 1.5, and Sound

Craaig - Scope, bloodredflags, and ShiniGRRL

MikeNCR - Slasher, Tragedy, Nyx2, and Void

nicsan2009 - Forget About It, With A Purpose, Gotcha Back!, and Without A Purpose

Squirrel_Monkey - Misinformed, Crimson Blades, Ivan, and Octave of Speed

dragonsteincole - Spawn of PA, Sir Lance-A-Frog, and Komodo

Powerrave - White Thing 2

ty4er - Bully

SKBT - Drumbledore, SkidMark, Thump, and Death

Conraaa - No More Mister Nice Guy and Eighth Day 2S

Pressure - Ironside MK IV and Ironside MK V

Scrap Daddy - Stampede, RUSH, White Rhino, and CRASH

Hard Bot - Hammer Metal

Madman3 - Scar Spangled Banner and A Social Grace

Enigma - In the Sign of Evil, Obsessed by Cruelty, and The Final Sign of Evil

Virus Bomb - Black Banshee, Steel Raptor, and Krude Oil

Preytor_4 - Society's Outcast v3, Social Misfit v5, and Civilization's Outsider

Russian Roulette - Mach 9

Martymidget - The Defenestrator

Jack Daniels- Mecha Bull

HurricaneAndrew - Monster

Clickbeetle - Thunderhead

Battlebots 6

The sixth installment of the tournament was hosted by MassimoV and had 156 entries total. It followed the same format as the past tournaments.

MassimoV - Squared, Angered Mystery 3, Predator and Fiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta!

Badnik96 - Wonder Wasp, Helicopter V, BuffalOWNED and Super Haxagon

S.T.C - Knee Biter, Canadian Caper, Revenge of the N00b Army and Twisted Stepson

Martymidget - Stormaggedon, Acaciabot 3000, Trinity Force 3 and Rocket Turtle

plazmic inferno - Hades, Grave Digger, Ziggy's Bastard Son and Doomcrow

MikeNCR - Momus, Algos, Fracture Mk.3 and Klazo Maximus

Pressure - Ingot, Billet 3 and Slab II

Ty4er - Daredevil, Shae, Rampard and gaffhexagonbladefrontsixwheel

Thyrus - Kishin, Ryu, Ryu-Kishin: Powered and Ryu Ultimate

Conraaa - Something for the Weekend, Crocodile Rock, Eight Day 2 and GIRL U WANT

Mazakari - Cataclysm, The Red Dragon, Dusk and The Devil's Last Dance

Mr. AwesumSauce - Formula 7, Sword of Justice, Radical One and M A S H E E N

Virus Bomb - Black Harpy, Black Banshee, Steel Raptor and Krude Oil

NateF - CRM-114 and 10 Females to Each Male

Scrapyard24c - Voltergeist, Enforcer and Death Warrant

Sylandro - Pikmin Dispenser, Terminal Gelocity and Father of Wyachi

027 LB - Lemon-Lime Reborn

AlexGRfan97 - Sliced, Articulator and Diced

Wolfsbane - Nurse Luna, Lockjaw Jones, FEAR and SirGrindsalot

Jonzu95 - Heat Seeker and Rockstar Evo 1

Powerrave - Vague Entity, Infernadecity and Zerxion

Kid krusher13 - Shark Byte, Kaz and Herobrine

COOLRUNNER87 - Wild Boar

Kurt Wylde - Prototype 47, BoomBox, Poseidon and Brute

Nicsan2009 - Forget About It, Nike+ and Just Do it

70 CUDA - Drums Of War, Drums of Fate, Drums of Chaos and Drums of Worship

RedlineM203 - Madd the Junk Mailer, Ronin II and Shard

Rob Collins - ESPer, Clerisy, Quietus and Sanzen

FOTEPX - Orpheus, Toriodore - EVOKER, VIPER and PERSONA

Dragonsteincole - Spawn of PA, Sir Lance-A-Frog, Carbon 4 and Komodo

Lightning S. - Shadow Lurker, Toxic Wound, The Thing That Should Not Be and Blackout

SKBT - Bye, O'Bladerrater and Contender

S.H.I.E.L.D - Riptide, Hurricane, Whirlwind, Tidal Wave

Helloface199 - Sharp Object, Burner and The Underdog

Gropaga - Poor Man's Nuclear Bot, Pathblocker and Reinforcer

Clickbeetle - Updraft and Supercell

WhamettNuht - Hard Candy and Heartbeat

Mystic2000 - JIGSAW, Piecemaker, Cyclonic Destruction and Wyachi's Revenge

Scrap Daddy - The Notorious B.O.Z, Chief Kamachi, Hollow Points and Des Devious

Ianh05 - Bee Sting

Squirrel_Monkey - Ghost, Crimson Blades, Titanium Terror and Octave of Speed

Naryar - Talons in the Night, Teeth in the Darkness and Strength, Lust and Power.

090901 - Father Midnight 2, Robot, Out of the Blue and Train

Battlebots 7

Battlebots 7 is currently in sign-ups. Similar to previous incarnations, it has 4 weight classes.