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Rank Advanced User
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Thyrus, Probably Rob, DemonOfTomorrow, cephalopod, Arcane
Grudges With None.
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 20/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 40/100

Dragonsteincole, or "DSC", is an IRL bot builder and modder, having joined in October 2010. He generally sticks to making IRL-styled bots in DSL, which can be seen here, but has branched out into other metas occasionally. He has also made a handful of replicas, mainly of bots from Robot Wars.

After taking a hiatus in 2013, he returned in 2016 initially continuing to build IRL bots in DSL 2.2. But soon branched out to try new things, including hosting a tournament called Beat the Clock. His most notable contribution to GTM however are the IRL Component Packs, which add recoloured and reskinned DSL components and have quickly become almost a standard part of a DSL install. There have been three packs released so far.

Building Ability

Stock - Pretty terrible. He finds it much harder to build in Stock due to playing DSL first. His only notable Stock bot is the MW Toybox, which made it to Round 3 in GTMCS.

DSL - Initially building in a IRL-specific style, with focus on looks over combat-effectiveness. Since his return from hiatus the bots have started to creep closer to Standard but are still mainly IRL. His most successful meta with a number of victories in IRL tournaments. Less successful in Standard. Doesn't always build up to the weightlimit.

Retooled - His only notable bot in Retooled is the HW hoverbot Action News Choppa! which came second in the GTMCS, only losing to UberPyro in the final.

Modding - Was always a good painter, his skillset has increased far more since his return. Is now able to create new components, reskin and edit existing ones, model and texture components, all skills which were picked up in the creation of the IRL Component packs.

Tournament Entries

Replica Wars 2 - Raizer Blade - Lost to 027 LB's bot Death By Monkeys in Round 1 (0-1).

Replica Wars 3 - Raizer Blade - Middleweight version of his lightweight Replica Wars 3 bot. Lost to Jack Daniels's bot Mouser Mecha Catbot in first round. (0-1)

Clash of the Titans - Armosaurus - Lost to GroudonRobotWars's multi-bot 1002 Problems in Round 1 (0-1), and is awaiting it's fight in the Loser's Bracket against FOTEPX.

RA2 Team Championships - Caped Crusader - Part of Team 4TW. Lost to Squirrel_Monkey in the LW Faceoff. Beat Craaig in the 3rd-Place Playoff. Team came 3rd overall. (1-1)

RA2 Team Championships 2 - Chinook - Again part of Team 4TW. Lost to Scrap Daddy in the Tabletop match. Beat King_Mushroom in the 3rd-Place Playoff . Team came 3rd overall again, however Chinook was voted Team 4TW's SFTW and tied for BTRSHDWBDDTGL of the tournament. (1-1)

RA2 Team Championships 3 - Pricklish - Became a verteran of Team 4TW. Along with 090901 they beat MikeNCR and MassimoV in the Tag team match. Beat Craaig in the Tabletop grand Final. Overall Team 4TW won the tournament. (2-0)

Battlebots - Hellfrog - Lost to 027 LB in Round 1. (0-1). It's defeat was quite controversial due to the extremely bad AI given to it by Frieezez, who had been unable to AI his original entry.

Notable Robots

Bullfrog/Treefrog EVO/Hellfrog - A series of IRL bots built around a frog theme. All are flippers, with Bullfrog and Hellfrog having beater bars in order to give it some damaging capability.

Pricklish - Bot from RA2 Team Championships 3, and his first successful DSL-Standard bot. Currently undefeated in 2 competitive fights, and in one bonus rumble. A Rammer with a big front-skirt, which was renamed to King of Diamonds after the tournament.

Sir Lance-a-Frog - A family of bots with their roots in the Bullfrog bot, the first and most successful bot is the original MW Sir Lance-a-Frog. There is currently 4 bots in this family: LW- Young Lance-a-Frog MW - Sir Lance-a-Frog CW - Queen Lance-a-Frog and HW - King Lance-a-Frog. All bots share a common design theme of being 2WD with horizontal spinners/blades, and a lance/pole spike as a secondary weapon, decorated in a loose Medievil knight theme. All bots feature the Cole family Coat of Arms on the top of the chassis. Currently both Sir Lance-a-Frog and Queen Lance-a-Frog are tournament winners.

Action News Choppa! - A Retooled bot modelled after an RC helicopter, it was a hoverbot with a drill and tribar arrangement sitting underneath the chassis. Came in 2nd place in GTMCS, only dropping 1 fight during it's undefeated run to the finals, where it was thoroughly beaten by Uberpyro after the bot havoked repeatedly. The top rotors were useless for damaging opponents, but were a necessity to cure gyroscopic issues with the bot.

Stratton - A 2500kg UHW bot, built as a house-robot for Cephalopod's GTM Robot Wars tournament. A 4WD Bulldozer with a burning hammer.

inVasion - A cruiserweight dual-VS, and a slimmed-down version of one of DSC's first HW bots. Created for GTM Robot Wars but now fighting in Robogames. Has a decent feared reputation despite minimal fights. The CW version was given increased armour and larger wheels to turn it into a HW, but lost to lra2 in it's only fight so far.

Darkest Knight/Carbon Copy(DSC)/CarboniZe - Starting as a SHW DSL-S bot in the style of Warhead, there have been over a dozen versions of this bot in different weightclasses. Many heavyweight versions of Carbon Copy fought in the Battlebots tournaments with little success, but since 2016 the bot has been redesigned and refined and now has found success in a number of tournaments. All bots again share a theme of a 2WD angled horizontal spinner, whilst recent versions have added a srimech/tail which sits over the spinner. CarboniZe was the first bot in this series to taste success, winning Death Battle. A colour variant of this same bot called CarboniCe was on the winning Team Light in Guldenflame's 2017 edition of Light vs Dark, being the sole survivor. There also exists a SHW and UHW version of Carbonize, and an axe variant of the newest 2017 design.

Notable Replicas

Raizer Blade - His first replica. Built for the Replica Wars tournaments, in total there are three versions of the same bot in the LW, MW and HW classes. All were uncompetitive.

Refbot - HW replica of the Robot Wars House Robot, and the first replica to gain significant attention.

Panic Attack - A replica of the Series 7 version of the UK bot, and the first bot of his to use a 512x512 texture.

Dead Metal - A 2500kg UHW version of the Robot Wars house robot, created specifically for Cephalopod's GTM Robot Wars tournament. Fully featured with the clamping jaws and moving circular saw weapon.

Sgt. Bash - A third house robot replica, Sgt. Bash is again a full-featured replica, featuring the front claming jaws, rear disc, and turret flamethrower.

Chaos 2 - An extenderbot version of the 2-time Robot Wars UK Champions.

Mortis - Created for the GTM Live tournament, an elaborate extenderbot replicating the Season 4 version. Uses wheels for locomotion instead of treads. Also comes in a variety of fruity flavours.

Challenge Board

IRL Challenge Dragonsteincole(Bullfrog) vs. Thyrus vs. NFX - Victory.

Rob Collins vs Dragonsteincole(Sir Lance-a-Frog) vs Botomatic1000 vs Tashic - Defeat.

DSL HW IRL challenge for the DSL HW title Dragonsteincole(inVasion Encore) vs. lra2 - 3-2 Defeat.