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Rank Moderator alt textalt text
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Everybody
Grudges With Nobody. Except for you, loser.
Fear Rating Rating 4.gif 69/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 69/100
Looks good in banana suits. Highest rep of any active GTM member. Is actually a ferret in a banana suit.
Memorable Quote
i hate you all

cephalopod joined the forums in March 2009. In August 2013 he was promoted from Advanced User to Veteran, and was also given a Tournament Moderator position on the staff. He became a Global Moderator in May 2014, along with Thyrus.

Awarded Most Likely to Stay On Topic, GTM's Favourite Ironforge Builder and GTM's Favourite Staff Member in the 2014 and 2015 GTM Awards, and Kindest and Friendliest in the 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Awards.

He has run many different tournaments, including the Rust In Pieces series where he is ranked 6th.

Won the BTRSHDBBDDTBL awards in BBEANS6 and RA2TC, was the Grand Champion of IRL Tourney and came 2nd in Our Replicas Are Different.

cephalopod has released several AI packs: RIPAI, PokAImon and Robot Wars 2005 AI. He has also done work for Ironforge and rather more significant work for the Robot Wars RA2 Mod.

Is more often than not non-active on GTM, busy with real robot projects with his teams Snappy Robots, Team Nebula and Two-Headed Death Flamingo.

Was known as Craaig until mid-2017.

Tournament Running

  1. Rust In Pieces, a DSL MW tournament, was run mainly due to the lack of DSL tournaments taking place at the time. It had 22 competitors, and was won by Pwnator's Paper Cut 3. After this, the 'Not Overly Epic Showdown' (Sparkey vs Avalanche) occurred as a grudge match series. In the end, Avalanche won all 3 matches.
  2. Rust In Pieces 2 was a DSL SHW tournament with 16 competitors. yoda9726's Gluttony won the main bracket, while Naryar's Shiva won the Loser's Bracket.
  3. RIMP. Mainly made of various grudge matches and challenges for all RIP1 and RIP2 bots, much like a 'Robot Wars Extreme' style tournament. The phrase RIMP was turned into a GTM Meme by yoda9726, closely followed by Naryar and is fairly common over many of cephalopod's topics.
  4. Pokemon: The League Of Getehem, a DSL HW tournament for Pokemon replicas, won by Naryar's Aerodactyl replica.
  5. RIP3 (2012-2013), a DSL MW/LW Cluster tournament with 21 entries. This was won by ty4er.
  6. Robot Wars 2005 (2013-2014), an IRL DSL tournament based on what robots could look like if Robot Wars continued for another series. This tournament was the first to feature an 'IRL Vote' where competitors had points added/deducted for how IRL they look, meaning the actual Tournament placements do not necessarily equate to the end standings. The tournament was won by Badnik96.
  7. Centripetal Force (Sometimes stylized as 'centRIPetal force'), which was a DSL HW tournament allowing only a few bot types, the core of which are spinners. This was completed in 10 days and was won by Martymidget.
  8. RIP4 was run in mid 2014 as the first Ironforge tournament. Mr AS won this.
  9. Bottallica, an IRL Ironforge tournament, was run after RIP4. Won by 090901
  10. GTM Robot Wars, an IRL DSL 2.2 tournament, run in late 2016, featuring House Robots, a new arena and high production values.

Notable Tournament Entries

  • Clash Cubes 2 - Shinigami - Lost Round 1 and then Loser's Bracket Round 2. Spawned a series of robots.
  • Wheely Tag Tournament (teamed with JoeBlo - Team Awesomesauce) - The Orange Is A Tasty Fruit - Team came 3rd overall. Spawned a series of robots, mainly shortened to the name 'Orange'.
  • Rust In Pieces 2 - Immunization - Beaten in Round 2, then lost in the Loser's Bracket Final. 2nd most 'Fearsome' bot.
  • BBEANS 6 - Blood Orange - Beaten in Round 2, and didn't fare well in Loser's Bracket - BTRSHDBBDDTBL award winner.
  • Total Annihilation - Fever - 2nd. Lost in a very close match to NFX's Valid Query 2. Voted 'Most Feared Bot'.
  • IRL Tourney - Queen Calypso - Grand Champion
  • RA2TC - Blood Orange 3 - BTRSHDBBDDTBL award winner
  • Our Replicas Are Different - The Cake Is A Fake - Runner Up
  • Blades of Fury^2 - PHENOMENAL CAT - Amusing cat replica that managed to win Round 1 of the Loser's Bracket.
  • RIP3 - Black Holes and Revelations - Team came 2nd.
  • Battlebots 5 - ShiniGRRRL - HW Champion
  • HFT Summer 2014 - Crasp Drone 4.5 - Champion

Bot Building

Stock: cephalopod doesn't tend to build in stock any more, but once showcased a Complex FS, the first many had seen.

DSL: Skilled builder. Innovated in the field of Vertical Spinners. His designs have spawned successful robots such as Blood Orange (BBEANS6), Immunization (RIP2), Fever (Total Annihilation) and Revelations (RIP3).

He also builds frequently in the IRL Style, creating mainly Hammers and Vertical Spinners, including the Crasp series.

Ironforge Built the Re-Animation and Junkyard Warriors teams for the original Ironforge AI.