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Rank Forum Member
Political Stance Informationalist, Innovationalist, Wisdom Tooth
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Naryar and 123STW
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Respect Rating Rating 3.gif 50/100
According to his profile, Urjak is 85 years old, making him the eldest member of all Gametechmods.

Urjak is a member of gametechmods who joined in Summer 2008.

On Gametechmods, Urjak is pretty much the embodiment of the "wise old mentor" stereotype. He sometimes gives advice to people, though not often, and is always calm and collected. He is also very skilled at DSL.

Loves Spiders and Mudkips and has a funnel web spider avatar and the custom title "Spiderweight". Thanks to campaigning by G.K., he was made a wikimod.

Bot building

Stock: Apparently builds in Stock only for tournaments. Good builder overall. Favorite bot type is the Complex Spinner.

DSL: One of the best builders in the community. His flail shell spinners have proven to be fearsome opponents, and he likes sawbots and flippers as well. Probably the creator of the flail shell SnS, and known to be the community's shell spinner specialist. He has recently diverted his interest to AWs and BWs.

Notable Bots

  • Psyco Sweeper: A wammer built for BBEANS 4. It had three bear claws and a spike strip for weapons. Won what is probably one of the most entertaining fights of BBEANS4 against Rage III, then losing to DOAM and No Leaf Clover in the loser's bracket.
  • Lousy Launcher: A mediocre flipper built for RAW 1. While it had the best wedge of all the tournament, Lousy Launcher failed because of low battery and bad flipper setup.
  • Purple Pest: A heavyweight vertical Sawbot entered in Wild Robots Live. Placed fourth in the tournament, though WhamettNuht claims it was by luck.
  • VeXxEd?!: A heavyweight True Popup entered in GUMBA. Faired pretty well, snatching 3rd in the tournament.
  • Bane series: A series of lightweight flail shell spinners, currently has ~10 bots, though most are minor updates or various failed designs. Bane II (a shell SnS) is in the NAR AI and is, according to Naryar, one of the best lightweights of the pack. Bane X was entered into BBEANS 6, and faired quite well in the tournament.
  • Vertical Impulse: A middleweight flipper entered into the Rust In Pieces AI tournament. Despite early predictions, Vertical Impulse managed to become Runner-up in the tournament.
  • Enturon: A beetleweight rammer entered into Micro Mayhem and the Xtreme BW Competition. Before the tournament was cancelled, Enturon had progressed into the third round of Micro Mayhem and was doing quite well. In the Xtreme BW Competition, Enturon became the champion after a very controversial final match against Viper89. Also featured in NAR AI as FangY.
  • Terminal Force: A middleweight forward-flipper entered in Clash Cubes 3. Terminal Force went undefeated in the tournament, and became the champion with a 13-0 win/loss record.