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Rank Advanced User / Semi Moderator
Political Stance Innovationalist, Informationalist, Peacekeeper, Post King
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With GoldenFox93, G.K., Thyrus, SKBT, martymidget, Conraaa, Fracture, Vertigo, Jack Daniels, Reier, madman3, ty4er, Sonny_Resetti, JoeBlo, possibly Naryar and Sage. Generally gets along well with everyone.
Rivals With GoldenFox93 (Friendly), JoeBlo (BOTM)
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 25/100
Respect Rating Rating 3.gif 45/100
NFX is one of the few Scottish members of Gametechmods, others being System32, Kurt Wylde and Scourge of teh Galaxy.
Memorable Quote
"I see what u did there"

"PMbomb'd" "Schweet"

NFX is a relative newcomer to the Robot Arena 2 community, having first downloaded Robot Arena 2 in August 2009, and joining the Gametechmods Forums just two days after. Following a brief departure from the forums for unknown reasons, he returned in April 2010, and started to become one of the forum regulars, receiving Advanced User status in December 2010. Recently promoted to Moderator of the Tournament section, alongside G.K. He took another hiatus in the first half of 2013 due to a number of real life issues, but has recently returned again. Disappeared from GTM in March 2014, but is still very much active on ARC, where he is an admin.

His Stock showcase can be found here, and his DSL showcase here. R0B0SH4RK once described him as "possibly the most underrated builder on the forums". NFX is also a strong Bot Of The Month contender.


Stock - Knows almost all of the glitches, and can build some very effective bots. Tends to build popup and HS bots only, but has some trouble building effective wedges. Was voted the 3rd best Stock builder on the forums in the 2012 Ranks.

DSL - Has reached a strong level. Doesn't really build any specific type of bot, but likes rammers and IRL designs. He was also voted the 9th best DSL builder, and joint 3rd best IRL builder on the forums in the 2012 Ranks.

Modding - Reskinned an arena for Gazea2's (possibly cancelled) Stock mod RA2INBOW, along with a few components, and has a decent knowledge of BFE. Recently learned both UI and more complex component GMF modification.

Notable Tournament Entries

Tournament Robot Position Awards Notes
Wild Robots Live 2 Snap! Happy Second Round None NFX's first ever tournament entry.
BBEANS 6 Zombie Pirate Ninja Loser's Bracket, Round 2 None NFX's first ever DSL bot.
Back To The Beginnings Tribute To Tribute To Mayhem Loser's Braket, Round 2 Best Match (vs. Pwnator) Voted joint Favourite Tournament entry in 2010 GTM Awards.
Back To The Beginnings 2 Whiplash Recoil Loser's Bracket, Round 2 None Knocked out of both brackets by the same robot - R0B0SH4RK's Bear Cube.
Back To The Beginnings 3 c3:++ Loser's Bracket, Round 5 Rumble Participant One of the first robots to use the 140cm Square Extender effectively.
Back To The Beginnings 4 As If I Give A Flying Melon Loser's Bracket, Round 4 Rumble Champion Scored the same amount of KO's as c3:++ (8).
Total Annihilation Valid Query 2 Grand Champion Most Promising NFX's first individual tournament championship.
RA2 Trials 2 Wheels Are Tasty Heat Final Most Creative Entry Originally designed as a Clash Cubes IV prototype.
RA2 Trials 3 Puncture III Runner-Up None Threw itself from the Tabletop in the final match.
Replica Wars 2 360 Fourth Place Best Match (Grand Final) Voted joint Favourite Tournament entry in 2010 GTM Awards.
Replica Wars 3 Corkscrew Two Third Place Warmonger Award (Most Damaging) Lost its entire weaponry in one hit in the final.
RA2 Team Championships Wheels Are Tasty 4 Grand Champion None Coined the team name, "Naryar's Not Quite Evil Council".
RA2 Team Championships 2 Extenders Are Delicious 3 Grand Champion SFTW (Team 1) NFX is the only member to have won all three RA2 Team Championships.
RA2 Team Championships 3 Toss Salad Grand Champion Best Bot (Team 4), Best Overall Bot Captained Team 4 at Scrap Daddy's request.
Clash Cubes IV Wheels Are Tasty 4 1/2 Loser's Bracket, Round 7 Rumble Participant Finished the tournament ranked in fourth place overall.
Our Replicas Are Different Lapshade Of Doom Third Place None N/A
Pot Luck Urjak's Folly Loser's Bracket, Round 2 Unluckiest Robot, Most Surprising Moment Finished third in the Byebot Qualifying matches.
2 Legit 2 Quit Implosion 2.0 First Round BTRSHDBBDDTBL Eliminated by the same bot in this tournament and Robotic International Wars 2.
Battlebots Freezerburn Third Place Best Match (vs. Thyrus) Originally designed in Rhinoceros 2.0.
Battlebots Season 2 Revolutions Per Minute Fourth Place None Built for the abandoned Blades Of Fury Tournament.
Battlebots Season 3 SWARM Round 1 Unluckiest Bot Originally entered as a Heavyweight multibot.
B4ttlebots (LW) Watch Your Step!, (MW) Cage of Mirrors, (HW) The Highlander 2 (LW) Quarter-Finals, (MW) Round 1, (HW) Runner-Up Best Skin (The Highlander) The Highlander was originally entered into the SHW Bracket.
Battlebots Season 5 (LW) 360, (MW) Taur 2, (HW) The Highlander 2, (SHW) Tritium (LW) Quarter-Finals, (MW) Round 1, (HW) Quarter-Finals, (SHW) Grand Finalist N/A The tournament was abandoned following the SHW Semi-Finals.
Home And Away Fatal Exception Runner-Up Most KO's, Most Home Wins, Most Away Wins Fatal Exception was not KO'd once in all its 42 matches.
Steel Warzone Ion Grand Champion None The only bot to have won an AI Tournament and a BOTM Poll.
Not Quite Replica Wars 2 Swift Justice Fourth Place Champion's Rumble Runner-Up Lost to the Byebot in the Preliminary Rounds.
Robotic International Wars 2 Implosion 2.0 Fourth Place Brawler Award Previously entered into 2 Legit 2 Quit.
Robotic International Wars 3 Hairline Fracture Third Place Rumble Winner, Coolest Entry N/A
Annihilator Schizophrenia Runner-Up Most Fearsome Possibly the first 36HS to use 3 Nifty batteries.
BroBots Xenophobia & Agrophobia Loser's Bracket, Round 1 Rumble Winner, Coolest Entrant (Xenophobia) N/A
Two To Tango (w/ SKBT) Fire and The Other One (Implosion III & False Popup) Grand Champion N/A Also reached Round 4 of the Loser's Bracket with MikeNCR.
RA2 Olympics Braveheart Third Place Coolest Bot, Best Skin One of only two bots to represent Scotland.
RA2 Olympics: London Above All (LW), The Highlander 2 (HW) Fourth Place (LW), Runner-Up (HW) Best Skin (The Highlander 2) Above All was originally a concept for the abandoned Summer Sumo tournament.
Robot Wars Series 8 Iron Oxide Round 2 King Of The Hill Champion, Best Design N/A
Robo Zone 2 XOR 5th Place Best Skinned N/A
Box Of Nightmares Snap!Happy 6.3 Third Place N/A Knocked out of both brackets by the same bot - G.K.'s Gicquel.
GTM Home Nations Tournament The Highlander Joint Second Place (with lloopp d lloopp and Goldenfox93) N/A Represented Scotland

Other Notable Robots

Halestorm - A Stock HW Popup series, which has gradually improved over its eight incarnations, specifically with SnapperII work and extender setups.

Present Of Doom - His BOTM Entry for December 2010, coming second to Clickbeetle. It featured his first public showing of reskinned components: a red DSL Disc which read "To ACAMS. Merry Xmas!"

Crab Salad - A DSL LW Rammer that utilises the Trov Chassis glitch, known for its unique weapon setup. Its potency was displayed in a screenshot showing a KO victory over the fearsome Mako. It is available in NAR AI 2.7 as Rat Trap.

Pyramid Scheme - A pyramid-shaped Stock HW Flipper with a smiley face on the front. Liked for its humour, and there is also footage of it upending Hammer Of Justice.

Sundancer - A pair of DSL LW HS, each one identical to the other, apart from one being effectively upside-down. Similar in principle to The Iron Outlaws, NFX can choose which way up to begin the match.


So far, NFX has only attempted to host one official tournament, Mechapocalypse. However, due to university work and time constraints, he was unable to continue with it.

He has also hosted the Home Nations Tournament, an unofficial tournament between himself, Goldenfox93, G.K. and lloopp d lloopp, on the basis that each of the four countries of the United Kingdom would be represented.


GTM Awards 2010

  • Best Personal Text
  • Favourite Champion Bot (Valid Query 2) [Tied with Somebody (Ripper Of Guts 3.7)]
  • Favourite Tournament Entry (Valid Query 2, Tribute To Tribute To Mayhem, 360)
  • Favourite Tournament Match (vs. Pwnator, Back To The Beginnings Round 2)

GTM Awards 2011

  • Best Signature [Tied with J and Mr. Awesumsauce]
  • Best Personal Text
  • Most Optimistic [Tied with JoeBlo]

GTM Awards 2012

  • Best Signature
  • Best Advice [Tied with Pwnator]
  • Most Likely To Stay On Topic

Bot Of The Month x9

  • October 2010 (Flash Bang)
  • January 2011 (Viral Sweep)
  • February 2011 (Ion)
  • June 2011 (Enterprise)
  • July 2011 (Kart)
  • March 2012 (Minor Miner)
  • April 2012 (Shelley)
  • August 2012 (Mutant Tricycle)
  • September 2012 (Quark)