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Rank Ultra Heavyweight
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Meganerdbomb, J, Kujii, king mushroom, Goldenfox93, Badnik96, Natef, freeziez, Sonny_Resetti, Vertigo, and more
Grudges With HypnoDisc2010
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 2/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 5/100
Memorable Quote

A fairly active user who joined in March of 2010. He knew that the forums have been around since 2008, but never joined at that time.

Has started playing RA2 in January 2009 and got DSL in June 2009.

GRW has entered a lot of different tournaments with a even amount of wins and losses.

Won the SFTW award in Total Annihilation with his entry 1001 Problems. Now he has created 1002 Problems for Somebody's tournament Clash of the Titans. With the most successful tournament entry being Trollestia 2 which was entered in Clickbeetle's Ironbot tournament

Has begun to host a tournament series known as Robotic International Wars currently in the 3rd season and is rising in popularity with each season. He has also had made an unofficial tournament known as KORWS4 or Kind of Robot Wars Series 4 which despite being stalled many times is still on-going.


He was working on an AI pack for Robotic International Wars which was set to release after the tournaments third season, also is learning more in arena creation and has created one custom arena, the My Little Pony: FiM arena.

Bot Building

Stock While he has improved, his improvement is truly slow compared to the average learning curve. Still below average in stock.

DSL Showing a bit of improvement, just below average in building.

Tournament Record

Tag Team Tornado: Canadian Warrior teamed with martymidget and his bot Drop Goal 0/1

Total Annihilation: 1001 Problems 0/2

The Winds of Change: KillaStorm 1/2

Clash of the Titans: 1002 Problems 2/1

ELBITE: Berserk Killer, Angry German Kid, The Dark Boxer 0/1 Cancelled

Replica Wars 2: Missing Link 0/1

Rust in More Pieces: Extreme Xterminator 0/1

BTTB 3: Vrooom (GRW) 0/2

Micro Mayhem Reincarnated: Mr. Munchy BW 0/1

Clash Cubes IV: Mr Yummy 1/1

BTTB 4: Evolve or Be Spun Everywhere 0/2

Replica Wars 3: Gravity 0/1

Lego Replica Wars: Velocity 0/1

Battlebots: 20% Cooler in 10 Seconds Flat 0/1

Robotic International Wars Season 1: (Host) Nightmare Moon 2/2.

Blades of Fury: Bladerunner, Derpy Hooves, Party Rock Bot Cancelled

Ironbot: Trollestia 2 4/5

Battlebots Season 2: Wingboner 0/1

Robotic International Wars Season 2: (Host) Discord 3/1

Battlebots 3: Reloaded: 20% Cooler in 10 Seconds Flat 0/1

N00B WARZ 4: Vrooom 0/1

Chinese Whispers 3: A History of Bloodshed 2/0 (On Naryar's team also with Mr. AwesumSauce)(Tournament is currently in process)

Blades of Fury^2: Wingboner 1/2

Robotic International Wars Season 3: (Host) Berry Punch 1/2

2 Legit 2 Quit 2: Rarity's Gemstash Cancelled

Robot Wars Series 8: Chrysalis 1/1

Deathmatch: Nightmare Moon Evo TBA