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Rank Superheavyweight
Political Stance ex-n00b
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Madman3, Craaig, smashysmashy Pussycat Wheels
Rivals With Sparkey98 (Friendly), Hypno Wheels
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 0/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 0/100
Was a 5th Phase God of Shit
Memorable Quote
Pulling a Garvin

Garvin joined in early April 2011 and became one of the biggest n00bs ever. Garvin was notorious for raging out on people, PM spam and being major contibuters in flame wars. Garvin was bashed by multiple people, but mainly freeziez, Sparkey98 and a few others.

He made an actual "I'm leaving" thread in September 2011 because he was bored with RA2 and had to tend to school.

He also sent a "breaking relationship" PM to GoldenFox93, causing large amounts of drama when Naryar, 090901 and S32 jumped on the occasion to torment GF about a possible romantic relationship. It seems he was disguising as SOTG and attempting to break the internet relationship between both, but obviously it didn't work.

Garvin returned in late Febuary 2012. He had matured and is no longer a n00b. Now Garvin is a normie and acts nothing like he used to.

Tournament Entries

Lego Robot Wars Replica Wars- Armaggedon 1.5- First ever Tournament- Defeated Scrap Daddy in Round 1 by Judges Decision, Defeated Jack Daniels in Round 2 by immobility, Lost to Hard Bot in Round 3 due to havoking.

Box of Nightmares-Hell's Toilet Paper- Forfeited

Not Quite Replica Wars (NQRW)- WHEELY Big Cheese- 4th place- Voted "Scariest Bot" and "Funniest Moment"

Pot Luck- Part of the "Back Up Brigade"- Was needed- Made Flipper "Dragster"-Lost in first round but exeled through the Losers Bracket, eventually being stopped by freeziez-Voted "Luckiest Bot" and "Most Suprising Bot" due to it beating NFX's "Urjaks Folly."

Battlebots- Death By Garvin- 0-1- Lost to Vertigo in Round 1- Voted "Most Unrealistic"

Not Quite Replica Wars 2- Tminusminus- 0-1

Ironbot- DOG- Didn't win a single fight- Possibly worst bot ever made.

Robot Wars Series 8 (RWS8)- Trinoceros- Out in round 1

Bot Building

Stock: OK builder, used to build crap for the first year he was around but gradually got better.

DSL Garvin builds almost exclusively to flippers, all though occasionally builds Popups, builds OK flippers