Thyrus (User)

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Rank Veteran
Political Stance Some sort of odd mix between Peacekeeper and n00b whacker
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Craaig, JoeBlo, Probably Rob, G.K., DemonOfTomorrow, Sonny_Resetti, NFX, Naryar, MassimoV, Trovaner, Ty4er, dragonsteincole, yugitom, Starcore, and kill343gs
Rivals With Naryar
Grudges With ACAMS, Spammers
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 10/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 1337/100
Thyru joined GTM in September 2008 under his former internet nickname "Zero". He posted once in the Arena ideas and suggestions thread and left for another year just to come back, forgott his password and created a new account named Thyrus. Zero has been banned and even deleted.

Bizarrely, in 2009, Thyrus seemed determined to prove Naryar and JoeBlo are in love, though stopped around the time of the turn of the decade.

Thyrus has joined on September 27th 2009 and is the only significant German member on Gametechmods

He only won IRL based tournaments

Despite having his main focus on IRL building he only hosted DSL-Standart tournaments

He never had the satus of an "Advanced User". He turned from basic member to veteran to moderator and back to veteran.

Memorable Quote

Thyrus is a member of gametechmods who joined near the end of September 2009. He became a global moderator in May 2014, along with Craaig. But on May 29 2017, he stepped down to Veteran due to life issues.


Most of his robots are build in DSL where he only builds "IRL" as he was one to start the trend. He was called to be one of the top 3 IRL builders. He was awarded best IRL builder in 2013.


He does have a stock showcase, but doesn't update it too often as IRL-style stock competitions are rare.

Notable Robots

Ryu-Kishin - BattleBots 1 champion and 2011 most favorite tournament champion

Ryu Ultimate/Ryu Hellfire - Battlebots 6, Battlebots 7 & Battlebots 8 Superheavyweight champion and 2013 most favorite tournament champion.

Cheatbot - An early desing which was entered in numerus tournaments, most of them never made it to the videostage. This robot had four different names (Cheatbot, Legion, Sir Cheat A Bot, X-Terminator) and five different skinns. Its fight against Mad Max in Rob Collins RNP: Poker Night at the Arena tournament won the "most supprising tournament moment" & "favorite tournament match" awards in 2013


He has a lot of success in IRL based Tournaments. Notably in the Battlebots series in which he won the first season with his Heavyweight Ruy-Kishin and the sixth season with his Superheavyweight Ryu Ultimate

Thyrus hosted a tournament called Total Annihilation based on the Annihilator battles from the Robot Wars TV-show.


He was challenged by Squirrel Monkey to a fight between Thyrus Stinger-like robot "Sphere" vs. an unnamed clusterbot of S_M. None of them sended their bots to Sage and so the result was a draw.

Sparkey98 challenged him to a Stock realisic vote. The voting ended in a 34/0 for Thyrus

Thyrus challanged NFX and Dragonsteincole to a realistic battle. His VS won against NFX bot but was flipped out of the Arena by DSC`s bot. Thyrus came second overall.

FOTEPX wantet to challenge Thyrus. He suggested to use the format of the UK vs. Germany of the Robot Wars TV-show (this was later critizised by Naryar since 6/7 battles would`ve been civil-wars) Thyrus sended his bots to the host Dragonfire but FOTEPX never did so this challenge was canceled

Dragonfire wanted a rematch of the first round battle in Replica Wars 3 Cyclone vs. Delldog. Delldog won 2 - 0.

Thyrus wanted revenge for his lost in Noob Warz 2 where he lost to Sonny_Resetti in the first round. The battle was Thyrus` "Der Maulwurf" vs. Resettis "The Morge". Der Maulwurf pushed and flipped The Mourge through the arena for the whole 3 minutes which made him the winner.