Hard Bot

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Hard Bot
Rank Heavyweight
Political Stance ex-n00b
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Gets along with most users
Grudges With Does not hold grudges
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 0/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 7/100

Joined in December 2010. Hard Bot was at first thought to be Enigma multi-accounting, but it was discovered that they were brothers, similar to Badnik96 and 027 LB. He was generally considered by many to a n00b in terms of both building skills and mannerisms. He used to give the same advice to members in their showcases, but was often wrongly interpreted. He has seemed to improve over time but can still has his moments.

Bot Building

Both Stock and DSL: Was a n00b at it right from the beginning, but has somewhat improved. Nearly all of his old content has aged terribly. He used to unnecessarily brag about his robots.

Ironforge and Retooled: Has not played either meta yet.