Squirrel Monkey

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Squirrel Monkey
Rank Advanced User
Political Stance Peacekeeper
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With G.K., incredirobotwars, Picnic Attack, Badnik96, lloopp D lloopp, Stagfish
Rivals With Pwnator due to him beating him in seemingly everything, G.K.
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100


Squirrel_Monkey joined the Gametechmods community in November 2009. He has dabbled in all aspects of the game and created some unique and controversial bots in his time.

He has two DSL showcases: One for his cars and his main one. He also has one Stock Showcase

Hosted Chinese Whispers 1-4 as well as Not Quite Replica Wars 1&2 and is experienced in the world of tournament hosting.

He was the chief tester of any modifications that G.K. did before his disappearance from the community.

Having made several bots for Robot Wars Wikia Replica tournaments, SM continued to create replicas. They can be seen in the Pay Tribute with Replicas Thread

S_M has the joint 3rd most tournament victories coming out on top 8 times.

Notable Bots

  • Dark Void 2 - Stock LW HS that combined 9 maces with a plow through 1WD mely-brain usage that created a deadly combination. Nearly winning Dragonfire's Dominator of Dragons Tournament.
  • V=IR A series of bots starting from the ever acrobatic V=IR which famously OOTA'd itself in Survival of the Fittest to the ever reliable 3V=3IR, SM's most used tournament bot to date and finally 5V=5IR which is soon to be fighting action.