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Rank Super heavyweight
Political Stance Terrible Builder
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With 090901, NFX, Madman3, FOTEPX, Jonzu95, Mr. AwesumSauce, Skiitzzox220, Gazea2 (love interest), Martymidget, Craaig, Teamxtreemer, Thyrus, Conraaa, HurricaneAndrew, Plazmic inferno.
Grudges With Nobody.
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 30/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 30/100
Quite a few people suggest you say OVERHEAT to him.

Ty4er is a member who joined in November 2010. He started playing RA2 just before joining and then DSL a few months after.

Ty4er is a terrible builder in DSL


Has had a lot of challenges and is currently on +8 CP. Winning the DSL HW title on his eighth challenge.


  • DSL: Is a sparkey-tier builder in standard and irl dsl with some very almost average bots in both. Recently voted 3rd worst DSL builder.
  • STOCK: Is not as good as in dsl and rarely builds in stock.


  • EENH - A series of LW rammers entered into some tournaments. Currently up to it's 5th revision, the 4th being the best in ty4er's opinion.
  • Reactivity - Another lw rammer with the weapon rack on flails (slightly similar to ReActive), with 123 saying it could be the pinnicle of de-weapon builds. Has been entered into a few tournaments, having been called cheap by many people.
  • Bully - IRL DSL LW that has done well in most tournaments it has been in.


  • BTTB 3 - Entered BISHOP and did quite badly.
  • BTTB 4 - Entered SHAVER BXXXXX and went through the first round beating GRW, then lost in the second round against Madman3.
  • Hell's Arena - Entered ANGLER 3. Overall came 2nd.
  • Tag Team Tussle - Teamed with Jonzu95 and lost in the first round, then went in the losers bracket with somebody and got to the finals in the bracket, where he was faced against Scrap Daddy and Somebody and lost, was paired with MikeNCR.
  • RA2TC3 - Is in team 3 with EENH, lost against NFX with Toss Salad but then went on to win in the 3rd place play-off against Pwnator with Diffuser. Overall the team came 3rd.
  • LRW Replica wars - Entered a replica of Impact.
  • RA2T3 - Entered EENH 4.5 and got throught the first round by defeating Freeziez but then lost in the FTTF against Scorpion.
  • RIW Season 1 - Entered Reactivity and got throught the first division, only to lose in the finals to G.K.. Won the Championship Rumble however.
  • 2L2Q - Entered with Camaxtli, his MW Dual HS. Fared pretty badly, getting torn up in the second round to Scrap Daddy.
  • Steel Warzone - Entered with Mextli, His HW version of Camaxtli (also a dual HS). Went far to come 3rd place.
  • Battlebots 2 - Entered with a MW Ring spinner, won a few matches mostly by luck and outweaponing only to get shredded by Scrap Daddy again.
  • RIWS2 - Entered with a MW SnS/Flamer hybrid, got to the semi-finals to lose to Virus Bomb.
  • N00B WARZ 4 - entered with AWESOME KILLER, lost in first round.
  • Cruisin' For A Bruisin' - Entered with Vortex, a SnSnS which finished in 2nd place.