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In brief, what is RA2?

Robot Arena 2 is a robot combat simulator, similar to TV shows such as Battlebots or it's UK equivalent, Robot Wars. It has a dedicated fanbase on the website Gametechmods.

I have two robots, they both weigh 399.0. One is Middleweight and one is Heavyweight. What do?

That's because bots (mostly due to chassis weight) have a hidden, additional decimal on their weight. The MW one is in between 398.95 and 399.00 and the HW one is in between 399.00 and 399.05. It's practically a coin flip if a 399.0 kg bot is a MW or a HW. This also applies to the weight limit between Lightweight and Middleweight, with 249.00 kg being the weight limit for LW.

If you want to enter it into a tournament and it's just right at the limit, ask the tournament maker. Usually it will be fine.

My robot has X motors and Y bursts and Z batteries. It doesn't last until the end of the fight. What do?

Add more batteries, or remove some unneeded motors. Test the bot's power drain and fiddle with your battery setup until you are happy with it. In general, bots with faster drive require less battery power than slower ones in order to stay mobile the entire match.

Sometimes my robot flies around the arena randomly after a motor falls off. Why?

See: Havok explosion

I downloaded a pack with new AI robots. Why do they have casters all over them? Surely they are stable?

It's called "Caster armor". Casters are basically used as invulnerable armor, since as they are attached directly to the chassis they have infinite HP.

When is Robot Arena 3 coming out?

Robot Arena 3 is scheduled to release in 2016.

It's worth noting that Robot Arena 3 was originally thought to never be developed when Infogrames was sold to Atari in 2003.

Is there a tier list for this game? What are some of the stronger bot types?

GTM user Madman3 created a tier list which was improved upon + contributed to by the community, seen in this thread.

Please note that this tier list is to be taken with a grain of salt, as just about any design is viable if built well, with few exceptions.

How do I beat EMERGENCY?

EMERGENCY is a typical brick wall for anyone just getting into RA2, sometimes Coal Miner can be one too. In particular, some of EMERGENCY's biggest weaknesses are not being able to self-right most of the time, having exposed wheels which make it weak to fast SnS, and having a very poor burst wedge. If you give your bot a Small wedge on a 40cm+ extender on a burst motor, it should be able to slide right under EMERGENCY.

Who is Spinner from the west?

Spinner from the west is commonly used as the prime example of a poorly built bot, being the worst bot to be entered in BBEANS 3, one of the largest and most hyped tournaments ever to take place. People will commonly call the worst bot of a tournament the "Spinner from the west (SFTW for short) of the tourney."

There are lots of people with colored names, who should I pay more attention to?

You should pay attention to them all, apart from any lime green name without a title, as that occurs for 1 day when it is that user's birthday. Most of these users have been around for a long time, so they know how to play the game well or how to properly and reliably host tournaments, and have been rewarded as such with a colored name.

There is a tournament going on, how do I enter it?

First you need to upload your robot to the Bot Exchange as a .bot file. Then copy the download link, and send it in a PM to the host.

BFE, EFFE, uh, WTF? What do they all mean?

BFE stands for Bot File Editing, which is editing the .bot file of your robot with a program such as notepad++. This is usually banned from tournaments. When you BFE a robot you are able to change the chassis shape, the armor weight and strength, and how all the components are attached. Other abbreviations can be found under Jargon.

What glitches are allowed in tournaments, and how do I pull them off?

All glitches listed under "Category:Glitches" are commonly accepted in tournaments, bar Bot file editing, Narmor, and Nasty Pickle Glitch. Different tournaments may have rules allowing or banning certain glitches, including the formerly stated "banned" glitches.

People keep referencing something called Chatterbox but I can't find it. How do I into Chatterbox?

Access your profile, then under the tab "Modify Profile", click on "Group Membership". Join all the groups possible. The chatterbox, forum Games, and politics sections should now become accessible. The "Playground?" group does not contain anything at the moment.

Is there any other useful sites that's to do with RA2?

The "Links" box in the lower left corner of the front page of GTM has several links to various RA2 websites.

I heard there is a big replica pack coming out, what is it?

See: This thread.

What are Karma points?

"Reputation: X" is a number beside your posts that is determined/edited by other members of the forum. Only Advanced Users, Veterans, Roboteers, Tech Advisors, Moderators and Admins can change Reputation.

How do I create my account on the Wiki?

See: This thread.

Can there be multiple accounts from the same IP address?

You are not allowed to make more than one account on GTM. Please notify Trovaner through personal message if you have two different people making two different accounts in the same household.