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Rank Roboteer
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Martymidget, Gazea2, Zog, NFX, Dragonsteincole, G.K., king mushroom, Squirrel_Monkey, haz, GoldenFox93, Badnik96, WhamettNuht, SKBT, Somebody
Rivals With Martymidget
Grudges With GarvinTheGreat
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 25/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100
Tends to skin his bots with a yellow-black stripe paintjob. A member of the real life Combat Robot Hall of Fame bots Explosion and Eruption.
Memorable Quote
"Big Red Button Smileys"

A newer member of the gametechmods forums who registered in May 2010. Considerably more expierienced building in DSL than in Stock (mostly because he spends the majority of his time playing DSL rather than Stock). Despite this, he is creating a team for Gazea2's stock-based mod, RA2INBOW.

Bot Building


Builds in Stock much more than he does DSL nowadays, although this was in reverse before 2011. Knows all common glitches and can build competitive bots, for a while he lost his Stock game so he only had DSL.


Tends to play Stock more than DSL, but can still build very competitive bots.

Notable Robots

Bulldozer 2 - A heavyweight flipper that Vertigo entered into Total Annihilation. It scored 3 OOTAs & reached the tournament final, before getting hung up on the arena wall and losing in the final.

Circles of Flaming Irons - A stock VS/Flamethrower that made it all the way to the grand final in Back To The Beginnings 3, and only got beaten by one bot in both the winners and losers bracker. Placed second.


Is currently making his own flipper based AI pack, SkAI High

Tournaments (Hosted/Hosting)

RA2 Team Championships -,5424.0.html

RA2 Team Championships 2 -,6076.0.html

RA2 Team Championships 3 -,6744.0.html

Tournament Entries

Tag Team Tornado (DSL) - Whiplash v7.0 (Teamed with SKBT's 'Super Spin Cycle') - 1-1

Total Annihilation (DSL) - Bulldozer 2 - 3-1

Back To The Beginnings 2 (DSL) - Stealth Destroyer VI - 1-2

Robonova 2 (Stock) - Brain Washer 2 (Teamed with 090901's 'Green Wave') - 1-1

The Best Bot Builder (Stock & DSL) - Bulldozer 4 & Unknown Identity 16 - 0-0

RA2 Trials 2 (DSL) - SpiderWeb - 2-2

Combat Clusters 1 (DSL) - Whiplash v9.0 & Whiplash v10.0 - 1-0

Replica Wars 2 (DSL) - Explosion - 1-1

Rust In More Pieces (New Blood) (DSL) - Bulldozer 4 - 1-0

Clash Of The Titans (DSL) - Ultra Bulldozer - 0-0

Replica Wars 3 (DSL) - Explosion - 1-0

Back To The Beginnings 3 (Stock) - Circles Of Flaming Irons - 5-2

RA2 Trials 3 (DSL) - Micro Mako - 0-0

Box of Nightmares (Stock) - SnStorm - 0-0