Jack Daniels

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Jack Daniels
Rank Advanced User Fear RaterRespect Rater
Political Stance Peacekeeper, Replica Master
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Everyone, especially Scrap Daddy
Grudges With Seemingly none
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 95/100
Jack Daniels skins all of his bots using an ancient 266mhz PowerMac G3 laptop and Photoshop 6.0 from 1996. It is ironic that the hardware he uses for Skinning is older than some of the forum members on Gametechmods...

Jack Daniels

Joined the official RA2 forums in the summer of 2007. Jack Daniels is often called "JD" for short.

Jack is known more for his skinning talents and his cool looking designs rather than his bot-building and combat effectiveness. He created an array of Battlebot replicas using only stock components. Most of them can be seen here: Replica Forum Thread

He is very fond of making FSes. His progress in bot-building has been "sloth-like" at best. After four years of playing the game he has still yet to make a popup. He got into DSL building early summer of 2009 in preparation for the Clash Cubes 2 tournament.

Jack is not fond of making clones of anyone's bots. He usually spends hours trying to find undiscovered configurations that could be unique for battling.

JD participated in an array of tournaments within the Game Tech Mods community in 2009. Mainly, to gain feedback on bots and become a better builder altogether.

Competitions and Statistics:

Robozone: 6th Place & Tilt Champion with Jackpot Deux

BBEANS5: Rank 50 2 Wins 2 Losses with Hellbringer

Noob Warz: 1st round loss with Blue Thunder

RODE Tournament: 1st round loss with M.A.D. Machine

Noob Warz 2: 1st Place with Suckerpunch

Brawl of the Builders: 1st round loss with Teethgrinder

King of Karnage: 3W 2L with Sir Robin the Brave

Clash Cubes 2: 1st Round loss with Lament Configuration

Rust in Pieces: 1st Round loss with Falchion

Noob Warz 3: Entered with Rust Monster

UK vs USA: Entered with Steel Reign

Clash Cubes 3: (currently underway) 2 match wins with Haphazard 2.1

RAW 2: (currently underway) 1 win with Beavis and Butthead

Replica Wars: First round loss with Crabmeat

Battle Of the Band: Entered with Project Mayhem

Combat Ants: 2 Wins 1 Loss 2nd Place Overall with Mercury Drone

Wild Robot Live 2: Entered with Lava Rocket

Doomed Bots: 3 Wins 2 losses with Guybrush

Wheely Tag Tournament: 1 Loss with Short Bus

The Amazing Rage tournament: Entered with Metal Chicken

IRL tournament: Entered with Steel Phoenix

Notable Robots



Jackpot Deux

Intellect Devourer

Red Leader

Lament Configuration

Bullwork (Skinning contest winner)

Tofu Delivery

Any of the replicas, see the above link.