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Rank Justice Incarnate (Global Moderator) Fear raterRespect rater
Political Stance Informationalist, Manipulator, n00b whacker, Tourney Timer, occasional Troll
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Urjak, 123savethewhales, Thyrus, Pwnator, LincK, Trovaner, Craaig, ty4er, Kossokei, Madman3, Scrap Daddy (fanboy), , J, System32... the list goes on.
Rivals With Enigma, Meganerdbomb, kill343gs, R0B0SH4RK (also love interest).
Grudges With Slight grudges towards Jonzu and Playzooki.
Fear Rating Rating 4.gif 70/100
Respect Rating Rating 3.gif 50/100
Memorable Quote


"hybrids oui oui"

Naryar, or as he is known as THE slighty meek but MANLY NARYAR, is a global moderator and showcase moderator. He arrived on the forums in March 2008 with already some basic knowledge of stock. Over the years he slowly devoted himself to DSL, and became one of the top builders of the DSL community.

He also has been one of the most influential members in the development of DSL building, with other builders such as Clickbeetle, 123savethewhales, Urjak, R0B0SH4RK, Jules and MikeNCR.

He is the second French BBEANS champion after Cooker. He is the first BBEANS Champion to emerge as a winner from the loser's bracket. Also the only person to have won more than one of Clickbeetle's tournaments.

Fifth in BBEANS ratings.

Also the creator of the NAR AI pack, a DSL AI pack that ups the difficulty of the DSL AI bots by several notches. Currently at it's v2.7 version with nothing less than 133 teams, 794 bots, and has claimed it's place as the "Starcore AI pack of DSL". However, NAR AI is on hold currently.

He also created a small mod for Stock, ROFL AI, that is basically an overpowered stock with rebuilt stock bots, also with humorous custom parts. Naryar said he created the mod for laughs. After the initial release, Naryar abandoned the project.

He won the first BOTM, and two more since.

Has attempted to host a NAR AI tournament, NAR AI Wars v1. Currently is on hold, it is unlikely that he will restart the tournament. He is currently hosting Mighty Naryar's Glorious Melee, a DSL LW tournament.

And as a last tidbit, he is the first Wiki moderator (ironically due to him lowering ACAMS's respect rating) and was recently promoted to showcase moderator on Gametechmods, like Pwnator.

Naryar has had a rough history as moderator. He was known for "power abuse" against the more stupid posters, however he has all but stopped those days. Naryar styles himself as a lawmaker, and enjoys making law systems.

Naryar is very keen to cricitise and give advice on the showcases.

Bot building

Dislikes crawlers and anything "cheap" such as indirect methods of fighting, and enjoys hybrids.

DSL: One of the best builders of DSL, he was influential in the development of DSL-S. He has one of the largest showcases and has built many DSL bots.

Stock: An average builder. Seems to be unable to stack, and does not like stock because of the tediousness.

For some reason he seems to have really bad luck in Stock tournaments, with unfortunate losses in BBEANS 5, ROBONOVA, Doomed Bots and Reier's Robo Rumble 1.

He now only very occasionally builds for stock, mostly for tournaments.




Notable Tournament Robots

Hazardous Contraption: DSL MW Juggler and Naryar's signature bot. Fast, damaging and probably one of the best skirt hinge wedges ever built, Hazcon still is one of Naryar's best DSL MWs in his words. BBEANS4 champion. Main issue is being not invertible, and the weak chassis armor doesn't seems to be a big problem.

Infernal Contraption 2: DSL HW Juggler HazCon's bigger brother. Twice the drive, 5 times the armor and probably also twice the weaponry and twice the weapon power. Wedges were comparatively inferior to Hazcon's though. Ranked 5th in RAW 1 and won the rumble, as well as the prize for Best Built Robot. Contrarily to it's small brother, Infernal Contraption benefited from many rebuilds and now sports much more efficient wedges.

Hope No More 3.2: DSL HW True Popup, was Naryar's best HW before he built the NAR AI v1 robots.. Fast drive, very good wedges and damaging weapon made that bot the Wild Robots Live 1 champion. However, the bot (even if invertible) can't self right and is less than average when inverted. Also large and exposed wheels. Barely follows the DSL realistic rule.

Cataclysm: DSL HW SnS. Naryar wanted to build something outside the norm (and that was Pinball clones when Cataclysm was built) and it ended with 3WD E-tek drive with Techno Destructo wheels and 285 kg of hammers on 3 bars. It was entered in GUMBA and went second, losing twice to Madiaba's Skinhead.

PitA 8: It was a popup entered in BBEANS 5. It has excellent Snapper2 wedges and a full caster armored chassis wedge (like the 7th but more protective), but the razors fall very fast if they hit enough weapons, and the slope of the caster armored wedge is quite steep, making it difficult to climb by other bots (especially other wedges that have a nasty tendency to interlock between two casters).

It beat its 2 first opponents easily (Acupuncture, a rammer, and Three Kings, a disc HS). It faced then the mighty Absolute Chaos, and lost, to InfiniteInertia's surprise. Then, entering into the loser's bracket, to everyone's amazement, lost to Insult to Injury V, an unarmored vertical spinner with only a chassis wedge.

Raptor Knight: Stock HW Hammer bot (both side and vertical designs) built for the Jousting Tournament King of Karnage It was submitted to JoeBlo as merely a prototype to ensure it works/ met the rules correctly, however the final version never made the deadline and as a result, JoeBlo entered in the prototype as Naryars Entry, still Baring the default plastic armour texture, Raptor Knight actually managed to dominate various matches and eventually go on to win the whole tournament.

Pillar of Pain: Stock LW Pillar of Fire ripoff, and Naryar's entry into Reier's Robo Rumble 1. Failed because of severe lack of stability.

Ancient Curse: Stock MW True Popup and Naryar's entry in Doomed Bots. A decent bot, managed to get 2 wins in the loser's bracket after losing to 40757's popup (even if Naryar claimed to have good wedges)

Blade Barrier: DSL MW Wammer entered in Craaig's Rust in Pieces. Naryar believed at the time it is simply his best MW, and tested it against the NAR AI with excellent results. It won it's first two fights against Somebody and Jonzu95, but got KOed by Pwnator's True Popup, triggering Naryar's rage. The V-shaped pinning wammer design spawned a few ripoffs notably by Ounce.

Fallen Hero: DSL 3WD MW flail SnS and Iron Storm 5 ripoff, entered in Clash Cubes 3. Won it's first fight against LincK's DangerBox, then lost to Scrap Daddy's Disturbance Strategy and to his surprise SSG's Fireman

Imperfect Construction: DSL HW Wammer for Chinese Whispers, jointly built with russian roulette, Ribbs, Little lost bot and Craaig. The bot induced mild rage from Naryar because it had roughly 90 kg on a BSG flipper, so he made it a wammer. Despite this flaw, it actually managed to win the competition.