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Rank Forum Member
Political Stance vet whacker (minor)
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Unknown
Grudges With Probably none
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 10/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100

Also known as Ribbs, being called as such by InfiniteInertia after some rant with him on the name of the bots on one of his teams.

A builder on the Gametechmods forums. Visibly a fan of console games, especially older ones. Also likes Megaman, and has a Metal Man avatar. Also likes to name his bots after Megaman robot masters.

Is hosting the IRL Tournament, a special tournament made to mimic real-life robots, notably by banning Jugglers and Popups.

Also has his own small DSL AI pack.

Building skill

DSL- A good DSL builder and one of the first DSL juggler builders along with Naryar. Also likes popups. Known for his unoriginality.

Stock- Slightly better builder in stock. Can't stack as well as other builders. Managed to beat mighty Starcore twice.

Notable bots

Gyroman3: A dual mag LW HS with two 30 kilo hammers entered in GUMBA. Lost on the first round against Somebody's FS Cutinator, and then lost to Urjak's The Ugly, very similar in design.

Quickman: A 4WD Drive E-tek HW Rammer entered in GUMBA that could not drive straight, but still won a match against Somebody's VS Smackinator Supreme. It then lost to the future champion, Madiaba's S.O.W. overhead poker, SkinHead, and then got eliminated by Urjak's popup VeXxEd?!.

Crashman: A poorly done HW Juggler that was entered in WRL. It got past the first round ONLY because of points, only to lose to obZen in the quarters, when its springy wedges launched it away from a pin, only to flip over and lose because of a pit.

SurgicalStrike: A pop-up entered for BBEANS5 that traded armor for weapon over-load. It beat Starcore's HS in the first round, creating some surprise.

The World Ends with You: A powerful SnS, assisted by the NCR Glitch.

-R1885, as System32, says he is autistic.

-R1885 rarely posts his bot's alone, but rather posts images of the entire team instead.