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Rank Super Heavyweight
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Preytor_4, GoldenFox93, GarvinTheGreat, Sonny_Resetti
Grudges With Naryar, Sparkey98, Hard Bot, Infiniteinertia
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 3/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 10/100

Freeziez is a member on the Gametechmods forums. He would not be considered an experienced member of GTM, but has had an OK reputation throughout his time at the forum.

Is most well-known for starting the Battlebots tournament series.

Bot Building

Freeziez is an average builder.


Does not build Stock much. Was known for fighting with Infiniteinertia over his advice.


Average builder in DSL, entered numerous DSL bots in tourneys. Has improved since re-starting his DSL showcase.


A new AI pack, "Freeziez AI" was proposed, and eventually released. It was met with mixed to negative reception.

Started the Bots From the Battlebox AI pack, but stopped working on it after limited progress. The mod was eventually taken over and continued by Badnik96 and TommyProductionsInc.

Notable Robots

Wedgie- A well armored "...wedge." Entered in Survival of the Fittest, and fared surprisingly well.

Record: 10-3

Epic Wave Swinger- Freeziez's first bot to win a tournament match. Double-disc HS.

Record: 1-2

Frost- Freeziez's first bot to go to a Grand Final (in Dominator of Dragons). Small LW popup.

Record: 4-3

The Epic- Freeziez's entry into Clash Cubes IV.

Record: 3-2

Apollo- Freeziez's entry into Pot Luck. HW true popup.

Record: 3-2

Blazing Stripes 2- Freeziez's entry into Wingman. This popup was Freeziez's first tournament winner, in tandem with Badger.

Record: 3-2


Hell's Arena


Battlebots: Season 2

Battlebots 3: Reloaded


Battlebots 5

VG Showdown

Hell's Arena II

Back to Basics

Tournament Entries


ROBONOVA 2, with Preytor_4: POP-sicle = 0-1

Dominator of Dragons: Frost = 4-2, loss in grand final (Fourth place)

RoboLeague: Portal = 7 pts.

Wedge War: Blazing Stripes = 0-1

Ironbot: Effing Stock = Survived 8 rounds, eliminated in semi-final

Wingman: Blazing Stripes 2 = 2-0 (Champion)


Survival of the Fittest: Wedgie = 10-3, Doom = 4-2, Ripshredder 2 = 4-2 (Loser's bracket final)

Harder Faster Better Stronger (canceled): Captive = (Treatment Survivals) 1-0

The Winds of Change: Anklebiter v2.0 = 0-3

Total Annihilation: Ripshredder = 0-2

ELBITE (canceled): Team 'The Big Freeze' = Glacier - 0/1, Blizzard - N/A, Meltdown - N/A

Replica Wars 2: Aggravated Assault = 0-1

RA2 Team Championships 2: Astronomical Phenomenon = 1-1

Replica Wars 3: F5 = 0-1

Back to the Beginnings 4: Epic Wave Swinger = 1-2

Clash Cubes IV: The Epic = 3-2

Micro Mayhem Reincarnated: Maniac = 0-1

RA2 Team Championships 3: Malevolence = 0-2

Our Replicas Are Different: Washing Machine = 1-2

Lego Robot Wars Replica Wars: Brute = 0-1

RA2 Trials 3: Incompetence = 0-1

Not Quite Replica Wars: Killdozer = 1-2

Pot Luck: Apollo = 3-2 (Fourth place)

Not Quite Replica Wars 2: Lazy Dog v2.0 = 1-0

Robotic International Wars Series 1: Clockwork Orange = 0-1

Steel Warzone: Fury Blade = 1-1

Scrapheap Challenge 3: Southpaw = 1-1, Rotations = 0-2

Masters of Disaster 2: Freezerburn = 0-6, Thawed Out = 2-4, Icicle = 3-3, Glacier = 4-2, Snowstorm = 3-3, Meltdown = 4-2 (1-1 in playoffs)

Challenge Entries

vs. GroudonRobotWars- Circus Act= 2-0 (WIN)

vs. Wacky Bob- Portal= 2-1 (WIN)

vs. Naryar- All Out= 0-2 (LOSS)

vs. Geice- Frostee= 1-2 (LOSS)

vs. Scorpion- The Cloak= 3-0 (WIN)

vs. GarvinTheGreat- Want You Gone= 1-0 (WIN)

vs. ty4er- F**k Yeah & Final Destination= 2-1 (WIN)