Scrap Daddy

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Scrap Daddy
Rank Veteran
Political Stance Forum Sweetie, Innovationalist, n00b whacker, Tourney Timer
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With InfiniteInertia, Sage, R0B0SH4RK, Naryar, Jack Daniels, Kill343gs, and other vets.
Grudges With Somebody (light), most n00bs
Fear Rating Rating 4.gif 70/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 95/100
Memorable Quote
GK you salty dog

Scrap Daddy, aka Macdaddy scrap, aka tha motherfuckin beast from the east, aka Virus Bomb, is a member at Gametechmods and a very skilled Stock builder. He particularly likes Bear Claws and was the second Wikimod, following Naryar.

Scrap Daddy discovered the most broken glitch in the game to date, dubbed "Hax Mode", and with the help of Sage and R0B0SH4RK released it to the community, which allowed for near unlimited stacking. (Not before teasing the forum with pictures first, of course.)

He was recently voted the best active stock builder, the fourth best overall DSL builder (losing his title to 123savethewhales), and the best IRL DSL builder.

Scrap Daddy Facts

  • How did Scrap Daddy cross the Atlantic ? He just had to say "I don't like you, Atlantic" and then the ocean split itself in two.
  • Scrap Daddy does not build bots, the bots just build themselves after Scrap Daddy tells them to.
  • Scrap Daddy once got roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris. Chuck has avoided Scrap Daddy ever since.
  • Scrap Daddy once solved AGOD by frowning at it.
  • Scrap Daddy once divided by zero and got away with it.
  • Whenever Scrap Daddy enters a tournament, the Most Fearsome Opponent award is immediately renamed to Most Scrap Daddy.
  • Scrap Daddy once entered a rammer against an opponent's popup. The popup lost by OOTA.
  • Scrap Daddy once entered a hammer in a tournament, and immediately won.
  • Scrap Daddy once lost a fight. RA2 couldn't handle it and crashed.

Notable bots

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