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Rank Roboteer
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With ?
Grudges With ?
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 13/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 26/100
Memorable Quote

Conraaa (add many a's as you want after his username) is a bot builder on Gametechmods. Has made two tournaments, considered as successful.

Joined in late 2010, and gained "Roboteer" status in April 2012 with his IRL bot "Johnny 2x4".

Swift with a barb, a bit tsundere but pretty friendly if not pissed off.

Bot Building




Above Average

Notable Robots

Moonlight Slaughter in E Flat - Entry in Our Replicas Are Different, based on a piano.

Tournament Entries

Baby Thing-Micro Mayhem Reincarnated-2nd round-(1-1)

4hilliper-RA2TC2-3rd place with team 4TW-(2-0)

Don't Let's Start-RA2TC3-1st place with team 4TW-(2-0)

Sweet-Replica wars 3-(1-1)

Mad Mod-Clash Cubes IV-(0-2)

Moonlight Slaughter in E Flat-Our Replicas Are Different-(1-2)

Dimwitted Background Pony 4-Ra2 Trials Series 3-Didn't do that well..

Scoop-Lego Robot Replica Wars-(0-1)

Advance Australia Fair-Battlebots-(1-1)

Birdhouse in Your Soul-Box of Nightmares-(1-1)

518-Not Quite Replica Wars-(3-1)-3rd Place! Also won the champion's rumble.

She's Actual Size-Robotic International Wars-(0-2)

Everything You Know Is Wrong!-Roboleague-Got into the Final 12. Not bad.

Delicious Hot-BOF- Not Started Yet

Disgusting Cold-BOF- Not Started Yet

Dr Jazz-BOF- Not Started Yet

King Crab-Battlebots 2-(3-1)-3rd place! With a walker! Not sure how!

Thunderbird-See No Evil- Tba

SHW-Miss America-Home and Away-I won! My own tournament!

Crustle-Pokemon-Failed in the qualifier. WBP against Diglett.


Where Your Eyes Don't Go-In The Air Tonight-Tba

Crab Jr-Battlebots 3-Nope.-(0-1)

Gummy-Battlebots 3-Not Much Better.-(1-1)


518-NQRW2-Back from the dead for a tag team special with 518/2. Came 2nd.

Voulez-Vous-Ironbot-Lost in the semi finals.

Return To Sender-Steel Warzone-(0-1)-Hah No.

No More Mister Nice Guy-Battlebots 4-(4-0)-Won the LW Bracket.

Eighth Day-Battlebots 4-TBA

Irony Mark-My Little Pwnies-TBA

Das Machine-NOOB WARZ 4-(0-1)

Somebody Else/D.A.N.C.E-Two To Tango-(0-2)


Advance Australia Fair:

Luckiest Bot

Most surprsing moment (Winning its match against S_M)

Moonlight Slaughter In E Flat

That Match (IS) Intense (TMI) (In it's match against Dragonfire's Pummel Bass)


Most Surprising



Best Fight (vs GaffSquareBladeFront4Wheels)

King Crab


Crowd Favourite