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Rank Advanced User
Political Stance Normie, Forum Sweetie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Craaig, possibly NFX, Thyrus, Vertigo, G.K., ty4er and most other people.
Grudges With ty4er, because he's bad at DSL. Naryar because he's a bit of a silly billy.
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 11/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100
Is not actually a trap, contrary to popular belief.

Also happens to be Cornish.

Martymidget (or MM, but NOT the Martster - also known as the Forum Sweetie) joined Gametechmods on April 9th 2010. Prefers DSL to stock by a lot, but will skip over to stock to try out ideas which won't work in DSL, which is why his Stock bots are generally subpar. Won the Best Newcomer Builder Award in 2010.

Martymidget mostly builds DSL Standard and has a sort of a grudge against IRL. He has a knack for building Gut-rippers.

Notable Robots

  • Clowning Around 2.2- A HW juggler with three Discs, 15 Light DS Teeth and 15 small beater bars, entered into Total Annihilation and made into the Final, finishing 3rd overall. Also in NAR AI 2.4.
  • Mr Flibble- A DSL BW HS that came 2nd in Micro Mayhem Reincarnated without any major flukes, but became known for fluking its way to winning RA2 Trials 3.

Building Skill

Stock- Never built a 36HS, never wanted to. Average at best.

DSL- Builds practically anything, but likes HS and Jugglers particularly. Has two teams in NAR AI. Beats ty4er at everything, mainly due to poor matchups on ty's part. :coolface He also always loses to Madman3.

Makes "IRL" bots that look cool but are generally bad. Some are highly questionable.


(There's an awful lot missing here o.O) RIP 2-first tournament entered with A Very Big Block. Failed miserably, losing to Pwnator and Click

Tag Team Tornado- Entered with Drop Goal 2, teamed with Groudonrobotwars and Canadian Warrior. Out first round, but only by a few points to JD and 123STW.

Total Annihilation- Entered with Clowning Around 2(.2).Third Overall, Beating Inplabth, G.K and Trumpetguy to get to the final. Beat Vertigo, but lost to Craaig and NFX via OOTA by Fever.

BTTB 2-Entered with 2 VROOOOM OR NOT 2 VROOOOM!!, a rebuild of S_M's original showcased bot, an F1 car. Lost to G.K in the first round, but beat Sage and Vertigo in the losers bracket before being beaten by Badnik.

RA2 Trials 2-Entered with Blue Jet 1.5. Failed miserably, losing to 027 LB in the first round. Did destroy his bot though, mwahahaha :P

RA2TC - Entered with 3C2H60, a 4 BSG vertical hammer. The bot itself done really badly, being destroyed fairly quickly in both heats, but along with the rest of NNQEC (Nary, NFX, GK, SKBT, Trumpetguy) won the entire thing.

BTTB 3 - Entered with a rebuild of Craaig's first DSL bot, Stealth DESTROYA. Beat GK and Stagfish in the WB, before being knocked out by SKBT and finally Naryar.

Micro Mayhem Reincarnated - Entered with a HS, Mr. Flibble. Came in 2nd place overall, only losing to S_M's rule pushig crawler.

Mechapocalypse - Entered with The Pretender 1.5, a bar HS. Unfortunately, the tourney was cancelled before any matches were filmed.

Clash Cubes IV - Entered with (x-something)(x+something)(x-something).

RA2TC3 - Entered with Mr Flibble again. After SKBT's unfortunate disqualification, fluked his way through the first heat against Urjak, and awaits the results of the tourney.

Blades Of Fury In Blades Of Fury 2, Martymidget entered with Hadron 2. He seemingly got a easy matchup against Avalanche, But Avalanche managed to scrape through to a Judges Desicion, and MM lost by 1 point. (Avalanche was surprised).

RIMP- Stuff

Total Annihilation 2- Entered with Dead Serious. Got ganged up on and died straight away. RIMP.