The Ounce

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The Ounce
Rank Advanced User
Political Stance Innovationalist, Tourney Timer
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Sage, JoeBlo, Pwnator, and possibly Naryar.
Grudges With InfiniteInertia
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100
Respect Rating Rating 3.gif 45/100
The Ounce has an interest in plants and animals, mainly snow leopards.

The Ounce, aka The Snow Leopard, is a member of the Robot Arena community who joined in June 2009 but has been playing RA2 since November 2008. Prior to joining, The Ounce already had a fair amount of knowledge of the game and community, but still is noted for his willing to learn attitude. The Ounce preferred building in DSL over Stock when he joined, but shortly afterward gained more interest in Stock building after downloading Starcore v3.0. Likes to draw building ideas from Sage and the Beetle Bros, however his first showcased DSL bot bared a resemblance to one of Naryar's.

Bot Building

DSL- Considered one of the best DSL builders in the community, equal to Pwnator. Builds mostly SnSs and VSs (he might be the top VS specialist of all the community), as well as pokers, pushers, and HSs. Dislikes true popups and building wedges. Likes to keep his building simplistic, and is fond of improving his bots rather than building new designs, resulting in him sending many rebuilds of all of his teams in NAR AI. Also occasionally builds IRL, doing well in the Battlebots series of tournaments.

Stock- Is good at utilizing most building techniques, but is not the most productive or creative stock builder. Likes to use maces a lot.

Tournament History

The Ounce has had varied results in tournaments. In some tournaments he performed poorly (Doomed Bots, Rust In Pieces), and other tournaments he has gone far in (Clash Cubes 3, Back To The Beginnings). Some of his notable tournament bots include:

Go Up Here - A stock MW popup that was The Ounce's first showcased stock bot. Has gone through several revisions. One of its latest was entered in Doomed Bots, where it narrowly lost both of its fights. In a recent tourney Back To The Beginnings, it was rebuilt by Somebody into Go Up Here 2, which ironically lost to Ounce's Fallout rebuild twice in the tournament, including the grand final.

Has been upgraded ever since, now having longer wedges.

Paraponera 2 - The second installment in Ounce's Bullet Ant series of DSL MW popups. It was entered into Craaig's tournament Rust In Pieces, where it won its first round battle by KOing both of its opponents. It lost in the 2nd round to the eventual champion Paper Cut 3, supposedly because of a Havok that flipped Paraponera over and eventually caused it to be thrown out of the arena.

Telescopic Sight - A DSL HW juggler that was entered into the Epic Showdown against Naryar, paired with Pwnator's 3nigm4. It proved to have the best wedges out of all the entries and is also featured in the NAR AI pack v2.

DiSemboweLment - A DSL LW Popup that won Wheely Tag with Pwnator's Ion Thruster. It is featured in NAR AI and has one of the best wedges in the LW class. It is actually a DSL version of a LW popup that Ounce had made in stock, hence the capitalized letters in its name.

Nuclear Fallout - A stock HW side popup, perhaps the wedgiest bot ever built, and a rebuilt of Alterer of Reality's first showcased bot (strangely, a hammer). It was entered into G.K.'s tournament BTTB, and won, though having to beat a rebuild of Ounce's own bot twice to do so.

Paramecium-I - A Stock MW HS with 12 iron spikes on 4 Z-Teks. Its chassis uses only plastic armor, but makes up for it by being compact and backed up by a powerful weapon. The Ounce considers it his best middleweight.

It was entered into ROBONOVA 2 alongside Starcore's Fury, where they made it all the way to the finals and won, earning Starcore his first ever championship title.

It has since then been entered into two other tournaments: RoboLeague, where it finished 3rd, and Box of Nightmares, which ended up canceled.

Other Notable Robots

Stiletto - A DSL lightweight poker which was given the unofficial award "Best first showcased DSL bot ever." by Naryar. It is currently in its 7th revision, which recently won a challenge against FOTEPX. It was also "rebuilt" as a heavyweight by JoeBlo for BTTB 2.

Devil's Rosebush - A 36 mace Stock horizontal spinner which had skinned maces that gave it a rather unique look about it, strangely received no feedback in the showcase.