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BBEANS (Bot Battle for Eminent Autonomous Supremacy) is a series of AI tournaments hosted and filmed by Clickbeetle. The BBEANS tournaments are considered by many to be the the most successful and most popular RA2 tournaments of all time, like the Olympic Games IRL.


BBEANS1: Flaming Whizzer (Polinator) (Stock Middleweight)

BBEANS2: Smashbox 2 (MikeNCR) (DSL Heavyweight)

BBEANS3: Child's Play IV (ACAMS) (Stock Lightweight)

BBEANS4: Hazardous Contraption (Naryar) (DSL Middleweight)

BBEANS5: Seism 13 (Firebeetle) (Stock Heavyweight)

BBEANS6: Death of Angels 2 (Sage) (DSL Lightweight)


Took place: July-September 2006

Building requirements: Stock Middleweight

Winner: Flaming Whizzer built by Polinator

-Entered Competitors

-Winners Bracket

-Losers Bracket

Nearly all of bots entered in the tournament used building techniques that are now considered unacceptable (although some bots such as Event Horizon 2 and Flaming Whizzer were good and used many current techniques such as good space management, DSA, and snapper loading). BBEANS 1 was the first AI tournament ever done.


Took place: January-February 2007

Building requirements: DSL Heavyweight

Winner: Smashbox 2 built by MikeNCR

-Entered Competitors

-Official BBEANS2 Brackets and Videos

BBEANS 2 was the first DSL AI tournament. This tournament was actually ran before the current release of the DSL mod, which is DSL 2.1, which would explain why most of the bots aren't very well made compared to today's standards.


Took place: June-September 07

Building requirements: Stock Lightweight

Winner: Child's Play IV built by ACAMS

-Entered Competitors

-Official BBEANS3 Brackets and Videos

Summary of tournament:

The tournament's front runners emerged after two or three rounds were completed. As expected, Child's Play IV (ACAMS) led the pack in terms of Wins, KOs, and TKOs, closely followed by a surprise in Le\/eL (InfiniteInertia). Also, ECO Jr. (Sorrow) and Shreddar (Somestrangeguy) rounded out the top four of the unbeaten machines.

Crowd favorites such as Brown Wreckluse 2 (Clickbeetle), Pillar of Fire (Firebeetle), 3.14-ston (Luigica), Bio Quad (Sage), Box of Grime (Dexterhunter), and Rigadoon (Barbie) seemed as if they all fell into trouble. Of those 6, Brown Wreckluse 2, Pillar of Fire, Bio Quad, and Rigadoon all managed to make strong runs in the losers bracket though. co In the quarterfinals, the four undefeated bots squared off. Child's Play IV continued to move along, shutting out ECO Jr. with 2 KOs and 1 TKO. Shreddar upended Le\/eL, managing 2 KOs while Le\/eL earned a single TKO. The winner's bracket final, semifinal of the tournament would be Shreddar facing off against the undefeated Child's Play IV. Child's Play IV would survive an early scare, defeating Shreddar with a KO and a TKO, while Shreddar earned himself a KO.

Le\/eL defeated some strong bots in Volatile Partisan (Phlox) and ECO Jr. to advance to the Loser's Bracket final for a rematch against Shreddar. The results from last time were reversed, with Le\/eL advancing to the final from the loser's bracket with 2 KOs and a KO against him.

In the final, it went down to the last face-off between the two bots. However, Child's Play IV won the BBEANS3 title with a final TKO. The top two bots finished as follows:

Childs Play IV with 7 KOs, 9 TKOs, 7-0 record.

Le\/eL with 14 KOs, 5 TKOs, 7-2 record.

The rumble between Brown Wreckluse 2, Rigadoon, Interceptor (Harcsa), and Shreddar was won by Rigadoon due to a blow to the wheel of Brown Wreckluse 2.

Also notable to this tournament, the best robot built never to win an actual battle, Spinner from the west (Razer)!


Took place: August-October 2008

Building requirements: DSL Middlewight

Winner: Hazardous Contraption built by Naryar

-Entered Competitors

-Official BBEANS4 Brackets and Videos

More info would be helpful.

BBEANS 4 Winners:

Red, Red, Green? (Phlox) Is the Rumble Winner!

Iron Spaghetti (Scrap Daddy) Is the Best Rookie!

Haymaker (InfiniteInertia) Is the Bot That Really Should Have Done Better But Didn't Due To Bad Luck!

System Flailure (Clickbeetle) Is the Coolest Bot!

Diarrhea of a Madman (Jules) Is the Most Fearsome Opponent!

Enfilad3 (R0B0SH4RK) Is the Runner-Up

Hazardous Contraption (Naryar) Is the champion!

Other BBEANS 4 competitors:

No Leaf Clover (Meganerdbomb)

Slasher (BotReactor)

No Name #12 (zipdragon64)

T-4 (Silver)

Thumper (JoeCB1991)

Gohem (TorrFac)

T I T A N (Gigafrost)

Psyco Sweeper (Urjak)

Rage III (Seastalker)

ByeyE (duh102)

Undercutter (Sammy)

Hostility II (DragonFire)

Ripterra (Somebody)

Smoker (Somestrangeguy)


Mace 2 (mjrobots)

Interventionism 2.0 (H@zm47)

ThunderStruck! (ianh05)

NOS-BOT (andrewm0304)

Red Tide VI (Firebeetle)

Go Barbie, Go! (Barbie)

BrasOuvert (philetbabe)

Layziee (Pyscolone)

Ham-mer Sandwich 2 (Sage)

Smitemare 8 (Sorrow)


Took place: April-August 2009

Building requirements: Stock Heavyweight

Winner: Seism 13 built by Firebeetle

-Entered Competitors

-Official BBEANS 5 Brackets and Videos

R1885's SurgicalStrike, 40757's Vela, Redline's Big Flip's Revenge and Pwnator's Trojan Horse competed in the rumble, with Vela as the winner.

Also, a special Champion's Rumble was held in BBEANS 5, with MikeNCR's Copyright Infringement, ACAMS's 45-70 Magnum, Naryar's PitA 8 and Firebeetle's Seism 13 as the competitors. Copyright Infringment won in a very close match.

BBEANS 5 Winners:

Vela (40757) is the Rumble Winner!

Insult to Injury V (Alterer of Reality) is the Best Rookie!

Bounty Hunter (Pyscolone) is the Bot That Really Should Have Done Better But Didn't Due To Bad Luck!

Heaven's Sawmill (Clickbeetle) is the Coolest Original Bot!

R4 (R0B0SH4RK) is the Coolest Artistic Bot!

Absolute Chaos (BBEANS) (InfiniteInertia) is the Most Fearsome Opponent!

R4 (R0B0SH4RK) is the Runner-Up!

Seism 13 (Firebeetle) Is the Champion!

Other BBEANS 5 competitors:

45-70 Magnum (ACAMS)

Acupuncture (Wings)

Anti-Christ V.Pincer (glenku)

Big Flip's Revenge (Redline)

Black Cat Magic (Jeffery)

Blood Shed (Dexterhunter)

Bumble Bee (Sage)

Cardiac Arrest (Reier)

Chernobyl (Somebody)

Cocytus IV (Scrap Daddy)

Consonant / Vowel (System32)

Copyright Infringement (MikeNCR)

Crawl Through Knives v4.2 (Oggie)

Dark July (Famo WX)

Death Dealer (Meganerdbomb)

Do Geese See God? / I Did Roll, Or Did I? (Urjak)

'Eavy Metal Boi (bloxace14)

gears your lever (man manu)

Generic Rammer (Condor33)

grinnin face (Mark)

Gut Ripper 2 (JoeCB1991)

Hellbringer (Jack Daniels)

Juggernaut Mk. 3 (Sol Vector)

Mace in da face (Venko)

Mjorhmei (MetalikVyper)

No Hype 5 (philetbabe)

Oscillation Overthruster (roboman2444)

PitA 8 (Naryar)

Red Radar (shadow54)

Revenge of Dr. Wham (WhamettNuht)

SandStorm (ianh05)

Shock Therapy (JoeBlo)

Spearhead (somestrangeguy)

Stratocaster (kill343gs)

SurgicalStrike (R1885)

T-800 Terminator (BBEANS) (Starcore)

The Baby Warrior (Eggman249)

the black plague (DuckRA2)

The Emancipator (H@zm47)

The Fang Brothers (Pressure)

Three Kings (mjrobots)

Triple Play (zipperrulez)

Trojan Horse (Pwnator)

Tsunami (NateF)

Shadow Tyrant (Trovaner)

Vetearn Destroyer (Flying_Chao)


Took place: May-September 2010

Building requirements: DSL Lightweight

Winner: Death of Angels 2 built by Sage

Signups for BBEANS 6 started on April 3. Over half of the places were taken in one day.

-Entered Competitors

-Official BBEANS6 Brackets and Videos

BBEANS 6 Winners:

Minifridge 4 (G.K.) is the Rumble Winner!

Resentful Princess 2 (Virus Bomb) is the Best Rookie!

Blood Orange (Craaig) is the Bot That Really Should Have Done Better But Didn't Due To Bad Luck!

Bisector (Clickbeetle) is the Coolest Original Bot!

All or Nothing (RedlineM203) is the Coolest Artistic Bot!

Bane X (Urjak) is the Most Fearsome Opponent!

1.8 (somestrangeguy) is the Crowd Favourite!

Infection 4 (Pwnator) is the Runner-Up!

Death of Angels 2 (Sage) Is the Champion!

AI Pack

An AI pack was released by Clickbeetle and is a compilation of all stock BBEANS tournament bots. Late resubmissions, bots that were replaced by newer versions, and rejected illegal entries are also featured in the pack. After BBEANS 6, a DSL BBEANS pack was made as well: [1].