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Rank New World Veteran
Political Stance Informationalist, n00b whacker, Legend of RA2
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Sage, Kill343gs, Pyscolone, Dexterhunter, New World Veterans
Grudges With System32, Somebody (medium), n00bs
Fear Rating Rating 4.gif 75/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 70/100
Memorable Quote

InfiniteInertia (Inf), is a current bot builder on official forums. He was influenced mainly by Pyscolone and the Beetle Bros.

Uses the the signature phrase idiot (ed30t) during rants, and is often found to be quite harsh, particularly to former newbies such as System32 and Sage (he is now a good friend of Sage). Partnered with Kill343gs. Creators of ThreeFourInfinity, the RA2 Online Chronicles

Currently, Infinite is working on a "Re-Stocked" edition of the original Robot Arena 2 AI.

Also, Infinite is also working on a second AI pack, which is similar to the setup of other AI packs made by Pyscolone and Starcore. This pack will feature 15 teams (90 bots) of his own and up to 20 teams for submission by other forum members.

He also has other secret plans for the revitalization of interest, only to be known by his insiders for now.

Known for his 36-mace horizontal spinner Absolute Chaos, probably one of the best bots ever built.

Is a HS master and specialist tied with Sage, even superior to ACAMS and probably to Starcore.

Particularly dislikes unrealistic DSL bots, including Popups.

Recently said he was leaving the forums, claiming that he didn't get any respect from the newer builders for what he did for the community - he still (very seldomly) posts though. Has since returned more fully, with some new bots done and is currently fairly active in the showcase section.

Inf made a reappearance in November 2016 to attempt to show off some of his unseen Stock robots in a newly created showcase, but has never followed up on this and has disappeared once again, probably going inactive once more.

Real Life

In real life Infinite is college sophomore who dedicates his life to baseball. Love's to blaze and hates the world.