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Rank Veteran
Political Stance Sultan of maize products
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With sexy people
Grudges With no one cares
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 2/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif -500/100
reier is sort of cool

Reier, also colloquially known as "Sir Lord King Reier 'Certified Genuine Bigfoot Hair' McMacho III", joined the forums in September 2008.

Thanks to the community's tips he made impressive progresses and could be considered as one of the top DSL builders in the game before 2010 - was voted 5th top DSL builder in an old poll. He was active throughout much of 2008-09, gradually becoming less so in the years following before going on an extended hiatus after 2010. He made a surprise return in October 2014 and gained Veteran status shortly afterwards, becoming very active in the new Ironforge scene and was even voted GTM's favorite Ironforge and overall builder for 2015. He enjoys building Ironforge Standard the most, though is competent at all RA2 mods. He is also very active in the RA2 challenge boards in tournament downtime.

Reier has hosted Reier's Robo Rumble, N00b Warz 1, N00b Warz 2, N00b Warz 3, and N00b Warz 4.

Reier also pulled the infamous "Mrhalitosis prank".

Bot building

Stock: Decent, knows the major glitches and such and can make some competent designs. However, he believes stock is far too tedious and as such tends to avoid it. Most of his stock tournament entries are from 2010 or before.

DSL: Mainly built DSL after joining the forum, and was one of the top builders for several years. Has not played DSL seriously for a long while, and as such is not as competent a builder as he once was. Moved to Ironforge almost exclusively upon finding out about its existence after returning to GTM in 2014.

Ironforge: One of the premier Ironforge builders and his favorite version of RA2, believing this is the closest to what the game should have been. Voted GTM's favorite Ironforge and overall builder for 2015. He tries to innovate, and also gives frequent advice in showcases.

Notable Tournament Entries