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Rank New World Veteran / Semi Moderator
Political Stance Innovationalist, Informationalist, seldom n00b whacker, Post King
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With InfiniteInertia, Kill343gs, Pyscolone, most New World Veterans
Grudges With Red extenders. Sometimes n00bs
Fear Rating Rating 4.gif 65/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 86/100
Memorable Quote
Threads like this.

Not to be confused with Serge

i lol'd - Serge


Sage, an active member of the forum, has worked his way up to being one of the top builders of the game. Sage tries to be nice to new guys.

Sage made very helpful videos on the most important glitches in the game, the Effe glitch and Snapper Loading. Later, he released an Advanced Snapper Loading video, which has probably helped almost every member on the forum at least once.

Some of his most known bots are his Horizontal spinners, such as ULTIMATUM, the famous 36-iron HS, as well as developing the setup of the feared Absolute Chaos, one of the most well known bots of the game, with InfiniteInertia.

Also one of the last builders to still build Hammers. The reason for this Hammer obsession stemmed from his failed attempts at making a new Jabberwock for Starcore V4. Shamed by this failure (and by the video accompanying it) Sage developed the hammer design that is common today. Although, he does give credit to Pyscolone for giving him the idea to curve the arms of the hammers using multiple extenders. This opened up the door for hammers to become one of the top HS killers. The hammer bots Sage made, in order, are: L for Lick, L for Lick 2, Fatal Encounter (which featured the wide wedges now common on hammer bots), and Final Destination (featuring invincible caster armor, which is invaluable to protection against HS). All of these can be found in the first 15 pages of Sage's Showcase, if you want to see them.

Sage has set many new standards with stock bot building, usually in the HS category. He was the first to build a 36HS with 2 vertical snapperIIs, first to build a 36HS with one snapperII (and only one to make it invertible), first to build a 36HS off of one snapper2, and first to design a 36HS with 2 servos. He also built the first ever 48HS, although according to him, it was: "WAY too much of a good thing..."

Sage is the third SHW on the forums.


In a recent forum-wide survey, Sage won the title of the best stock builder in the world.

Sage broke at least one record in each BBEANS he participated in. In BBEANS 4, Ham-mer Sandwich 2 holds the record for the longest match in BBEANS history (against Iron Spaghetti) and in BBEANS 5 Bumble Bee was the only bot to never get KOed. In BBEANS 6 however, his entry Death of Angels 2 not only won the championship, but also broke 2 records - one for most wins and most KOs ever scored by a single bot in a single tournament (12 wins with 30 KOs), and another one for overall KO count (49 KOs), in front of the R0B0SH4RK (with 41 KOs).

Sage has won 4 BOTM's including one teamed with Madiaba

Sage was the co-champion of the Tag-Team challenge tourney (his partner being Sorrow).

Sage had the username The RA2 Wizard for a while on Gametechmods because of a registration issue, but he has since regained his original name.

Sage's very first robot he ever posted was inspired by Pac-man (at least the chassis shape).

Sage joined the original forums on his 13th birthday.

For an unknown reason, Sage seems to have a visceral hatred for red extenders, claiming to detest any bot having red extenders. It is unknown if he truly hates red extenders or not, but this is being mercilessly exploited by other builders, mostly putting red extenders on their bot to annoy Sage. This is mostly reserved for the better builders, because few newbies would dare to oppose the mighty Sage.

Sage is also well-known for looking a lot like Gandalf, including long white robes and a long wizard beard. The beard is thought to be invisible to non-believers.

Notable Robots

Raze and Daze: HW popup with 4 DDT's for weapons with 2 Razors each. 4 black batteries for maximum power.

Oh Snap 2: A full 36 weapon HS built off one blue snapper. First of its kind. 2 Blacks. Asymmetric.

Macerate: A very well built FS with slightly slanted motors. Wedges are not as great as some other bots though. 2 Blacks

Nefarious: The first 36 weapon HS built off 2 servos. 2 Blacks. While this version has normal Z-tek drive, if someone were to stack the 2 blacks and the control board together then it could have HPZ drive.

Fatal Encounter: A very cool looking hammer bot. One of infiniteinertia's favorite bot of Sage's. 3 blacks.

ULTIMATUM: Probably Sage's most famous bot, as mentioned above. The first (and only) legal stock HW to ever destroy Hammer of Justice. Built just after the prototype of Absolute Chaos.

Bumble Bee: A 4-HPZ Crawler/SnS hybrid entered into BBEANS5. Generally disliked by many members of the community due to it being a crawler.