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Rank Administrator
Political Stance Innovationalist, Wisdom Tooth
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Unknown, probably the staff
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 5.gif 90/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 85/100

As of 2013, Trovaner is the successor of ACAMS as the forum owner and main administrator.

Although he rarely posts, Trovaner was an active member of the GTM forums. He first joined in December of 2006. Once considered to be one of the most critical evaluators for bots and mods, Trov hasn't shown as much interest in nitpicking as of late, or anything after 2015.

From 2008 to 2011, he and SpyGuy became Madiaba's primary alpha/beta testers. However, while under the tutelage of Madiaba, he learned some of the basics of modding and was able to co-work on many of Madiaba's later projects. Madiaba has even said that "Trov is *surpassingly* reciprocating...".

Trovaner worked on a many of his own projects for RA2.


  • Discovered the Trovaner Chassis Glitch (Trov. Glitch).
  • Improved the Axle Loading Glitch (introduced the pause button and/or the Chicken Glitch in an attempt to make it easier).
  • Co-won the Magnetic Photon-Phazer Arena's skinning contest with inplabth.
  • Became the moderator of the "Robot Arena 2" subforum in June of 2010.
  • Became the webmaster of Gametechmods in February of 2013.
  • Figured out the syntax and use of most of RA2's built-in python commands (found using a variety of methods including reverse-engineering, guess-and-check, and research).
  • Received the award for Best Overall Modder in GTM Awards 2012. The first and only year that he has gotten any form of contribution award even though numerous people have said that he is underrated.




  • Contributor Contest: In honor of RA2's anniversary, Trov created a contest to see who could leave the biggest impact. He rewarded the winners with his action cam.
  • Arena Blueprint Contest: A contest to see who can come up with the best arena that requires a moderate level of work (found here)
  • Wiki Editing Contest: A contest aimed to see who could contribute the most to the RA2Wiki within one week. If a Wiki Moderator had to be involved, you were disqualified. The winner was decided by a vote after the week ended. The winner would get either the action cam, or if they already had it, they would get to beta test the new bot exchange once it was finished.

Notable Mods


  • Online Arena: An arena that gives a record breaking amount of FPS (seen/found here).
  • Robo Zone Arena: An arena created for ianh05 that gives people 4 new ways to play. After the Robo Zone 2, this arena was released with the AI. A link for purely the arena was later added to Trov's sig (found here).
  • Black Hole Space Station: An arena conceptualized by Jonzu95 (seen/found here)


  • Height Guide: A ruler for the bot height scrollbar. It works for all resolutions. There was never an official release because he just threw it into his sig (found here).
  • Random Arena Selector: A randomizer for the Exhibition and Multiplayer modes that allows players to randomly select an arena from their current mode's list (seen/found here).
  • Action Cam: A mod (seen here) that gives users the ability to use cameras that autonomously show all the action within the arena. Trovaner has released this mod as a prize for numerous contests.

Notable Robots

  • Dense: unseen submission for BBEANS 3. The first bot ever to have been made using servo loading.
  • Dense2: final submission for BBEANS 3. By sacrificing some battery, Dense2 was able to have one of the first weapon breakers on an HS.
  • TuRnBaCk: half-submission for Tag Team Challenge. A rename of one of Trovaner's best MW.
  • TyranT: unseen submission for BBEANS 5. It was designed to last in a fight against Bumble Bee.
  • Shadow Tyrant: final submission for BBEANS 5. An overhaul of TyranT that actually had less wedginess and defenses.
  • BlackVein: submission for Ironbot. It certainly looked cooler than it fought but it still managed to tie for the title of Competitive Jerk.
  • NefariusBeing: submission for Robo Zone 2. It was designed to be unique but not competitive enough to win.