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Rank Designer
Political Stance Peacekeeper, Innovationalist, Last Objective.
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Madiaba, Doomkiller, Craaig, Thyrus,
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 70/100

JoeBlo joined in January 2009 and is well known for his attempts at creativity and making a new design with little regard for any type of effectiness (or sometimes usefulness) JoeBlo spent much of his time learning modding with Madiaba.

Achievements - Tournaments

  • GTM Forums -Bot Of The Month Winner(14x)
  • RODE Tribute Tournament Winner.
  • Robot Skinning Tournament 4 Winner.
  • Robot Design Tournament 3 Winner.
  • System32's Design A New Bot Type Challenge Winner (Internal Spinner Design, Spin Within)
  • Doomed Bots Most Original Design (Iron Outlaw)
  • CombatAnts Best Built Robot (Shuffle Robot, Centrifugal Force)
  • Wheely Tag Tournament Teamed with Craaig, 3rd Place Overall, Winner of Funniest Tournament Moment(s)
  • CombatAnts 2 Coolest Robot (Shuffle/ Walker Robot, Centrifugal Fury)
  • UK vs USA Best Replica.
  • Tag Team Tornado Teamed with Naryar, Winner.
  • Winds Of Change Winner, Coolest Robot.
  • The Amazing Rage Most Original/Creative Robot.

Achievements - Forum Awards

  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Most Crafty, Friendliest, Funniest, Joint Most Optimistic, Most likely to STAY on topic, Most Honest and Best Ideas.
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best Avatar, Friendliest, Most Optimistic, Kindest, Most Honest (Joint), Best Forum Contributor (Joint), Best Robot Skinner, Best New Component, Best Mod Ideas, Best Mod Skinner, Best Overall Modder
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Most Optimistic (Joint), Best Contributor, Best Bot Skinner (Joint), Best Tournament (Clash Cubes IV) (Joint), Best Tournament Final (Clash Cubes IV), Best New (, Best Ideas, Best Skinner, Best Innovator, Best Overall Modder

Tournament Running / Involvement

  • Clash Cubes - JoeBlo first created the DSL 2.1 Heavyweight tournament called Clash Cubes in April. The tournament was unique in the fact that the main restriction was that fact all of the entrants' chassis had to be cube shaped. The tournament was a little slow starting out but after it was completed interest was improved.
  • Clash Cubes 2 - JoeBlo ran a follow-up to Clash Cubes a DSL 2.1 Superheavyweight tournament. The tournament used a "Wild Card" system for the last 6 robots fighting for the last place of the 24 available for the tournament.
  • Clash Cubes 3 - The third, DSL 2.1 MW version was the biggest yet. Almost every active DSL Builder in the community at the time built a robot for the tournament, JoeBlo in the end receiving 40 entries. CC3 Featured a brand new arena JoeBlo and Madiaba had worked on with moving walls, constantly changing the environment from enclosed to tabletop.
  • Clash Cubes 4 - The tournament features a brand new Clash Cubes arena and an entry list of 60
  • RODE Tribute Tournament - JoeBlo assisted in filming videos for MetalikVyper's tournament The RODE Tribute Tournament.
  • King Of Karnage - a new tournament JoeBlo completed in late 2009, a difference from most tournaments is that it is a jousting tournament using the Legendary Lu-Tze's Jousting Arena.
  • Doomed Bots - A tournament run by Doomkiller, JoeBlo made the brackets, arena and prizes for the tourney. JoeBlo also helped with the filming by doing the loser bracket.
  • Epic Showdown - A small series of grudge matches between Pwnator & Ounce versing Naryar (with him submitting two robots). The concept was sparked by Ounce posting his Juggler defeating one of Naryars followed by the post by Pwnator "I hope both of our bots can beat Nary's", then Naryar boldly accepted the challenge which he then lost, winning one fight and losing three.
  • USA vs UK - Zog's original tournament idea for replicas from the USA circuit taking on Replicas from the UK robot combat circuit. after signups Zog ran into multiple problems and ultimately decided he was not ready to host a tournament. Using Zog's idea and the original entrants, JoeBlo took the tournament and put the videos out at a quick rate.


  • CCAI - JoeBlo created the Clash Cubes AI pack which was a release of the tornaments entrants.
  • Stock 1.4 Patch - Compiled other patches, the AI parts and some bug fixes along with the previously hidden 140cm square extender into a single .exe patch update (and was later just uploaded as a ready to run version)
  • DSL 2.1 Compressor Arena Fix - A small patch fix made to correct the AI error in the compressor arena, now just part of the ready to run 2.1

Notable Robots

Chocolate Series - The gimmick started out with JoeBlo's BOTM entry "Chocolate" "The Tasty Fullbody Hammer" much to JoeBlo's surprise the concept was well liked by the community spawning a series of DSL counterparts that were entered in The Amazing Rage

Pyro/ Octane Series - More Exploit work and a general love of fire from JoeBlo, a series of flamethrower robots, mostly SnS and Shell Spinners that utilized a range of Flamethrower strategies, for further reading see Octane Glitch

Blitzkrieg - Sage and JoeBlo's BOTM winning "Blitzkrieg" featuring a nicely made weapons system by sage with an omni directional drive made by JoeBlo