Double Strength Aluminum

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Double Strength Aluminium armor is a very useful glitch, also known as DSA. It is the main armor used in Stock RA2 on the forum.

DSA is a little stronger than steel armor but has the same weight as aluminium.

It is the default armor. To use it, simply ignore the Armor tab. Don't select any armor.

A way to see if your bot has DSA is painting it all black in the paint lab at rotate it. If it doesn't shine, then you have DSA.

Also, you can't apply DSA to an existing bot without editing armor definitions or the .bot file itself - otherwise you need to build a new chassis to use it. While the 'artificial' DSA shines unlike the actual version, it will have the same strength and weight (assuming you use the correct values in the definitions/.bot file.) This method can also be used to get Double Strength Plastic, Titanium and Steel (Though it WILL NOT be accepted in Tournaments, Challenge Board and the such)

Avoid this at all costs in the DSL-TC mod. It is standard armor in BOTH Stock and DSL, so it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to select another armor, nearly all of the armors in DSL are stronger than DSA and more weight effective.