Seism 13

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Seism 13


Builder: Firebeetle
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 10 Razors
Weapon power: 2 DDTs
Drive: 4 HP-Zteks
Armor: DSA
Awards: BBEANS 5 Champion, Special Champion's Rumble Participant
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Mace in da face 3-0, Battle 2: Beats Chernobyl 3-0, Battle 3: Beats The Emancipator 3-0, Battle 4: Beats Absolute Chaos 2-1, Battle 5: Beats Shadow Tyrant 3-0, Battle 6: Beats Copyright Infringement 3-0, Battle 8 (Finals 2): Beats R4 2-1
Tournament Losses: Battle 7 (Finals 1): Loses to R4 2-1
Trivia: Seism 13 used bot file editing to change its armor shine.

Seism 13 was a heavyweight popup built by Firebeetle for BBEANS 5. Firebeetle has competed in all BBEANS tournaments, with Sadrabbit for BBEANS 1, Blue Moon for BBEANS 2, Pillar of Fire for BBEANS 3, Red Tide VI for BBEANS 4, and New Ruin for BBEANS 6. Seism 13 is no ordinary popup, as it uses linear actuators to adjust the spacing of the wedges. Its 5 ramplates also help a lot against powerful HSes, which was shown in its matches against Mace in da face, Chernobyl, Absolute Chaos and Copyright Infringement. Seism 13 then faced R0B0SH4RK's popup, which was equally wedgy and equally destructive, but Seism 13 was able to win close matches and became the BBEANS 5 champion. Firebeetle is ranked 10th in BBEANS standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strength and Weakness are:

Strength: Adjustable wedges

Weakness Fragile weapons