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Rank Veteran / Semi Moderator
Political Stance Innovationalist, Informationalist, Peacekeeper
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With JoeBlo mainly, friendly with roughly everyone
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 3.gif 45/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 70/100
Pwnator is a Deadpool fan.

Pwnator (often shortened as "Pwn" or "Pwnie", the latter which he does not like and is used for trolling purposes) is an active member of Gametechmods who joined on February 2009. He is quite fond of building hybrids in both Stock and DSL. He also contributes to the wiki by uploading pictures and updates some of the AI packs and tournament bots.

Known for giving high quality advice to newer people, and a good source for advice in general.

Has reduced his building activity somewhat, but he revealed some new DSL bots in early 2012.


Stock - In a recent forum-wide survey, Pwnator was tied with R0B0SH4RK for the second best Stock builder.

DSL - Voted 3rd best DSL builder in said survey.

The only builder that's in the Top 3 for DSL AND Stock.

Also a showcase moderator, once equaling Naryar's power.

Notable Robots

Trojan Horse - Pwnator's first tournament bot, and also his first combat-effective bot. Though its wedge attachment is considered inefficient and its use of irons isn't recommended, it still managed to have a good run in BBEANS 5, and also competed in the rumble.

Grey Matter - His first DSL bot, and competed in Clash Cubes 1. It uses Mako wedges and finished second place, behind Somebody's SnSnSnSnS. It also spawned a SHW version named Dark Matter that competed in Clash Cubes 2, but didn't perform as well as the original. It is also featured in the NAR AI pack, but a newer version will be used for the next release. A MW version named Antimatter competed in Clash Cubes 3 and was able to end up in the Final 8. A LW version is being prepared for Clash Cubes 4.

Quasar Series - A series of MW popups with the first 2 version being attempts at the Pyscolone popup challenge, the latest version having DDT wedges and a very shallow chassis wedge. It was entered in WRL2.

Infection 2 - A rebuild of the old Infection from the NAR AI pack, it has NPC drive and great skirt wedges. Its 4th reincarnation, Infection 4 was entered in BBEANS 6 and finished runner-up.

Paper Cut Series - A series of DSL MW popups, with the first one in the NAR AI pack. Its second version was initially criticized by Reier for being a Zapper clone, but it eventually developed into a different design for its 3rd rebuild. That version was also entered in Craaig's Rust In Pieces tournament, and surprisingly won even with average wedges. Its wedge issue has been solved in its latest version and now has small wedges, which makes it one of the wedgiest in its class.

Ion Thruster - A LW DSL VS that alongside Ounce's DiSemboweLment won Wheely Tag. Is in NAR AI too.

Helix 2 - A unique HW drum that has the top drum spinning downwards, to act like a trapper. It entered Terror Twisters, but lost in the second round.

Core Drill - A HW quad FS that won the BOTM competition on March 2010.

Ejector - The first ever DSL MW VS that has 2 70kg hammers on a Perm 132. The core setup has been used on many of his later bots.

Hot Wheels - A HW popup and is currently Pwnator's wedgiest stock bot (and one of the wedgiest bots ever built as well). Equipped with 12 razors on 2 DDTs and protected with 4 ramplates and 5 casters, it's also adept at dealing 1-to-2-hit KOs.

Repulsor - A stock MW HS/SnS hybrid that abides by DSL's realistic rule. It was also entered in Metal Mayhem, although it was never able to recover due to not having a losers' bracket.

Claymore - A DSL SHW popup that won 2nd place in Rust In Pieces 2.

Time Bomb - A DSL VS which was also entered in Back to the Beginnings 2. Probably one of his wedgiest DSL bots as well.

Serious Business and Skeksis - A DSL HW VS that was inspired by Clickbeetle's Darkling series and a DSL HW drum. It was also entered in RA2 Team Championships and co-won 2nd place along with Scrap Daddy, Squirrel_Monkey, and Badnik96.

Galactus - The largest DSL bot that can possibly be built without the use of BFE. The bar alone is 6 meters long.

Equinox - A DSL triple hybrid (wammer/HS/popup) that was inspired by Sage's Solstice.

Pulse Storm - A DSL SHW HS/SnS hybrid, with the weapon systems' positions practically swapped.