No Leaf Clover

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No Leaf Clover
No Leaf Clover.jpg

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Builder: meganerdbomb
Weight class: Middleweight
Weapon: Four Spike Strips on Disc
Weapon power: Perm 80
Drive: 2 TWM3R
Armor: 5 MM Steel
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 2: Beats Smoker 2-1 (2 TKOs), Battle 3: Beats Psyco Sweeper 3-0 (2 KOs, 1 TKO)
Tournament Losses: Battle 1: Loses to No Name #12 2-1 (1 KO), Battle 4: Loses to Haymaker 2-1 (1 TKO)
Trivia: No Leaf Clover was the first bot in BBEANS History to use a Tornado Wedge.

No Leaf Clover was a Middleweight VS built by meganerdbomb for BBEANS 4. Meganerdbomb built this bot just before he left for basic training for the Army. No Leaf Clover was considered another of many Mako clones until it was changed to the current weapon after the splash was released. No Leaf Clover was known in the tourney for having the odd and hard to attach Tornado Wedge on the front of the bot. No Leaf Clover suffered a tough, yet boring loss to No Name #12 to begin the tournament, when No Leaf's entire weapon was removed in two of the fights, leading to two boring WBPs. No Leaf Clover luckily won two battles against Smoker, when in the 2nd and 3rd fights, something was caught between Smoker's discs, disabling them. Smoker was then counted out later in both matches. After quickly disposing of Psyco Sweeper, No Leaf Clover was knocked out of the tournament by Haymaker, who although was thrown OOTA once by No Leaf Clover, still beat it the other two matches. No Leaf Clover started the tournament fighting No Name #12, the only other bot in the tourney starting with the word "No". Meganerdbomb also competed in BBEANS 1 with Wolverine, BBEANS 2 with Shebeast, BBEANS 3 with FIXXXER, and BBEANS 5 with Death Dealer, and is ranked 28th in BBEANS standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strengths and Weaknesses are:

Strengths: Powerful, durable

Weakness Limited weapon reach