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Rank Administrator
Political Stance Forum Dad
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With InfiniteInertia, Sage, Enigma
Grudges With gametechmods
Fear Rating Rating 5.gif 420/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 420/100
Kill343gs was the youngest global moderator in Gametechmods history.

Kill343gs is an extremely attractive administrator at the gametechmods forums. He joined the official forum in July of 2006 and was influenced by builders like Pyscolone and Vertigo002. He was friends with InfiniteInertia with whom he created The RA2 Online Chronicles and the RA2 Online Rules.

Discovered a glitch called Loaded Rupting, using it in Sage's tournament RAW2 on his bot Danger of Death to little success.

Originally added to the staff to combat spambots, but gained a more influential role after a forum software upgrade that solved the majority of spambot issues.

Became an administrator in September of 2017, along with apanx.

Tournament History

BBEANS3 My Playstation Gone Wild LW HS

The Tag Team Tournament Rolo: MW Popup with InfiniteInertia's robot Spyguy. So named for the everlasting feud between forum members Rolo and SpyGuy.

All Round Bot Builder Championship Stratocaster (HW), Rolo (MW), and My Playstation Gone Wild (LW)

RAW Far Cry: DSL HW VS, First DSL bot

BBEANS5 Stratocaster: 6WD HW poker that set the standard for the 6WD poker. Hit hard enough to knock other bots out of the BBEANS arena.

RAW2 Rolo and Danger of Death

BBEANS6 Moving Violation