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Rank Advanced User
Political Stance Innovationalist, Interventionalist, Forum Arsonist, n00b whacker, occasional Troll
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Varies depending of the topic
Grudges With Varies depending of the topic
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 20/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
System32 is one of the few Scottish members on the forum, alongside Scourge of teh Galaxy and NFX.
Memorable Quote
"Blood on the walls"

System32 (often shortened to S32) is Scottish (and it shows. Only thing he's missing is a Glasgow accent), believes strongly in the DSL realistic rule, and boldly claims he is 16. Is known for his particular love of arguments. Is highly political.

Doesn't take kindly to many things and is vocal about his opinions.

System32's main noteworthy actions have been in introducing many new ideas. He has one variation on the Servo Boosting glitch named after him and has introduced a secondary bracket type, used in most "Wildcard" brackets.

Is possibly the running master of controversial ideas, bring him into clashes with the veterans many times.

Notable Robots


S32's first tournament bot. Was entered in RAW 1, and considered as the SFTW of all the tournament.

Consonant / Vowel: A multibot consisting of an SnS/HS hybrid (Vowel) and a rammer (Consonant). Both entered into BBEANS5, they were criticized as not working well together against HW's. Consonant proved near useless, only allowing Vowel to spin up in its matches against Revenge of Dr Wham and Cocytus IV. Cocytus defeated Vowel with an OOTA, sending the multibot into the loser's bracket, where MiDF Won via KO.

Facemelikeafool: His first decent HW. A RPB like FS, successor of FMLAM. Inspired by Naryar's InfCon and built with the help of the same Naryar. Competed in WRL, KO'ing juggler Crashman and beating Mutant Dragonfly by a GMF glitch. System32 pulled out because of this.

No Rear Entry: MW FS entered into Inf's Brawl of the builders. Beaten by SSG's Minesweeper

Destiny: A SHW SnS build for clash cubes. Did well in the wildcard bracket. Did mediocre in the main tournament, being beaten by SSG's Box of pure evil in the loser's bracket.

Cheap Win 5000: MW Crawler entered into Doomed bots. Beaten by SSG's Minesweeper

Conficker: LW Rammer built for BBEANS 6.