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Robotic International Wars is a series of tournaments hosted by GroudonRobotWars

It is done in a world cup fashion style. It has division rounds and Playoff rounds. All bots in each division must fight the other three, the 2 with the highest ammount of points will win the division and move onto the playoffs

Currently in the third season.

Season 1 (2011)

Season one was done in DSL LW, and is complete with G.K. winning the tournament. And ty4er winning the Championship Rumble


Division 1

Squirrel_Monkey Cologne 4

dragonsteincole Caped Crusader 2

Jonzu95 Missle Test 2

Scorpion Impale the Sun

Division 2

SKBT Jaws of Defeat

ty4er Reactivity

Scrap Daddy Mass Opperesion IV

090901 Machine Gun

Division 3

GroudonRobotWars Nightmare Moon

MikeNCR Nyx2

Hard Bot Tornado that kills Anime

Natef Black, White and No Red

Division 4

Goldenfox93 Morbid Angel

G.K. Minifridge 6

ashman12 Brimstone Banshee

Conraaa She's Actual Size


freeziez Clockwork Orange

Badnik96 Father of Flaze

MassimoV Forest

090901 Machine Gun

Sparkey98 Sand in the Potato Salad

martymidget The Beast From Sithney

powerrave WEEKENDS

Award Winners:

Holy @#$% Award: ty4er

Unluckiest Bot: Conraaa and Scrap Daddy (TIE)

Luckiest bot: GroudonRobotWars

Most Feared: MikeNCR

Brawler Award: Goldenfox93 and G.K. (TIE)

Season 2 (2011-2012)

Season 2 has started and is finished, but still awaiting awards, Squirrel_Monkey won the tournament. With martymidget winning the Championship Rumble


Division 1

NFX: Implosion II, GroudonRobotWars: Discord, Nicsan2009: Smell of Defeat and smashysmashy: Happy Tree Frog

Division 2

madbow: Squishy, G.K.: Bloodstone, Masterath: S.M.A.S.H and Badnik96: SparkPlug

Division 3

Urjak: Circle of Thorns IX, powerrave: Slaughter, Naryar: Metal Hail and Squirrel_Monkey: 3V=3IR

Division 4

dragonsteincole: Sir Lance-a-Frog, Virus Bomb: Catastrophe Box, Jonzu95: Virtuoso and ty4er: Death Itself

Division 5

MassimoV: Torn Fiber Head, SKBT: 120, martymidget: Photon Torpedo and Jack Daniels: Chomp

Division 6

MikeNCR: Over Active, Goldenfox93: Broken Ring and Natef: Diend

Awards Winners:

Holy @#$% Award: martymidget(almost committing suicide OOTA)

Unluckiest Bot: Urjak and ty4er TIE

Luckiest Bot: Jonzu95

Most Feared: martymidget and Urjak TIE

Brawler Award: NFX and Virusbomb TIE

Best Match: Championship Rumble

Season 3 (2012)

Season 3 was done in DSL HW. It is currently the most popular season of Robotic International Wars with 27 bots. It has since completed on May 5 2012 with Urjak becoming the new RIW champion. NFX would then win the Championship Rumble.


Division 1

madman3: Future Breed Machine, plazmic inferno: imma firing mah razors!!!, MikeNCR: VDX, Hercules: That Huge Wall 4

Division 2

GroudonRobotWars: Berry Punch, Thyrus: Ramborg, Gropaga: Fliptaur, Squirrel_Monkey: Aeon

Division 3

Gauche Suede: Mr.Psyclone, Naryar: Hope No More 7.1, ty4er: Infinity, Kurt Wylde: Derpy

Division 4

Conraaa: SaraBande, madbow: CrusherBot, Badnik96: Corrupt Cactus 1.35, Somebody: Component Distributor 4

Division 5

RammingSpeed: PseudoScorpion, Jonzu95: Radiation VIII, SKBT: Terminator, Mr. AwesumSauce: smokeweederryday 2

Division 6

Celestial Panda: Flipping Out 2, Urjak: Octopus, MassimoV: Johny Bravo, martymidget: Muon Neutrino

Division 7

NFX: Hairline Fracture, Craaig: Pyrexia, Virus Bomb: Ruination Box

Award Winners:

Holy @#$% Award: Tie between: All OOTAs in Round 2 and Pyrexia(Craaig) defeating Ruination Box(Virus Bomb)

Unluckiest Bot: Muon Neutrino(martymidget)

Luckiest Bot: Ramborg(Thyrus)

Most Feared: Octopus(Urjak)

Brawler Award: Tie between Aeon(Squirrel_Monkey) and Muon Neutrino(martymidget)

Best Match: Urjak vs Jonzu95(Playoffs, Round 1)

Best Rookie of RIW: madman3

Bot that was 20% Cooler: Tie between Hairline Fracture(NFX) and Ramborg(Thyrus)

Season 4 (2012-2013)

It was announced that s4 will be Stock LW, it was also announced it would possibly be starting sometime this July though it was put on a slight delay to start in August. Which is currently in signups but will be heading into the splash and video stage soon.

AI Pack

It was announced that an RIW AI pack will be released after Season 3 is done. It will feature all bots from Season 1, 2 and 3 also including changed, illegal or late bots too.

Release: Holiday 2012

Robotic International Wars InterActive

A website which will record rankings and more set to release this summer on the 2nd anniversary since the beginning of RIW, not much news has since popped up about it in a few months and current status Is unknown.