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Rank Superheavyweight
Political Stance ex-n00b, normie, lying scumbag
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With NateF, Mr._AwesumSauce, Noodle, Goldenfox93, 090901, most of the other cool kids who hang out in the Skype group thing.
Grudges With Sylandro, People who don't like SoAD
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 20/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 0/100
Memorable Quote
Now that I'm banned, I'm gonna build IRL style bots in stock and no one can stop me hahahahah

Jamin (known by most as Sparkey) is a member of the forums, joining on December 4 2009. He was at one point considered to be the biggest n00b on the forums - just as bad, if not worse than LRA2. In the past, he earned a reputation for getting easily angered over jokes and constructive criticism, accusing users of insulting him. He promised to improve his behavior and mature multiple times, typically reverting back to his old ways in a very short amount of time.

After a period of mere low level aggression in the chatterbox, Sparkey was temporarily banned for multi-accounting in mid 2011. Then he decided to go play mind games with Kill343gs who permabanned him instead.

Around July/August 2012, he returned under the name "Jamin" and has visibly improved his behavior.

On the first of July 2013, Jamin was permabanned after staging an elaborate ruse in which he spammed every inch of the Gametechmods forums he could with post number GETS and terrible /mu/ copypastas translated into Russian/Japanese.

Once built with ra2cf in 2018, but nobody saw them.

Box Kicking

Jamin is often recognized as one of the top professional box kickers in the entire world. With three championships and currently the undefeated champion in the National-Box-Kicking-League-Of-America, (NBLOA) he is considered a worthy foe for professional boxes all around the globe. Jamin began his box kicking career in the winter of 2009 when he slipped on a cereal box in the kitchen and was knocked into a coma. After waking up in a hospital one week later, he realized his true calling; to kick boxes.

Box kicker2.jpeg

"Check 'em"

Bot Building

  • Stock: Average, isn't very skilled with most of the glitches. Never got the hang of chassis spacing.
  • DSL: Much better than he is at stock, but still rather average.
  • Little Boxer Two: A DSL antweight based off the Stock AI robot, The Boxer. It uses two boxing gloves to ram. It came 3rd in CombatAnts 2.
  • AHHHHHHHHHHhh COME ON!!!! !: A Wammer/Flipper hybrid entered into BBEANS6. The robot was a half-baked joke entry, and fittingly was considered as a waste of an entry. Lost 0-2. It won one round by havok forfeit.
  • Satans Hard Drive: Another bot Sparkey built that has been considered decent. It was made for Clash Cubes 4. It won like 2-3 times, ask Joe.