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A "n00b whacker" is a person who, when seeing an idiotic/off-topic/irrelevant post, goes and with various degrees of violence depending of the n00b whacker's personality, verbally blames the person responsible for said post. Their targets are usually n00bs but Normies are not exempt.

Most of these do believe than the end of having a cleaner forum justifies the means of being harsh to their targets. Of course, this isn't the opinion of everyone. Some of the more soft-hearted members sometimes find their actions distasteful. Or some just call the n00b whackers mean.

Most n00b whackers have a method of piercing down the self esteem of their targets. It can either be cold analysis and criticism (ala Naryar, Serge, System32), or just insulting for a reason (InfiniteInertia).

Despite using the opposite of a Peacekeeper's tactics, n00b whackers and peacekeepers have the same objectives in mind, so they often respect each other.

n00b whackers differ from Forum Arsonists as they mostly do not seek conflict, and rather than just annoying people, they seek to preserve the quality of forum posting via less family friendly means.

We can also divide n00b whackers in two categories: major and minor. All of the major n00b whackers are highly respected (if not more feared than respected) and have great skill in RA2, somehow earning their right to correct n00bs. Minor n00b whackers are less skilled, less respected and/or have less achievements than the major ones, nevertheless they most often are right when whacking a n00b and do make good points.

Wannabe n00b whackers

or n00bs whacking n00bs, coming from Naryar's expression.

Ironically, some n00bs can try to become n00b whackers. n00b whackers are highly respected, and this is seen by n00bs as a quick way to respect. However, most n00bs in n00b whacker's clothing mostly fail at giving good criticism and just flame people, that is closer to the Forum Arsonist than n00b whacker. Most often, these do attack other n00bs, most often younger and less experienced ones. These sort of n00bs are most often detected by a true n00b whacker and told to shut up.

Examples of major n00b whackers:

InfiniteInertia, Pyscolone, Naryar, Serge, Sage, Scrap Daddy, ACAMS

Examples of minor n00b whackers:

Frezal, Scorpion, System32, Badger

Examples of wannabe n00b whackers:

Sparkey98, 027 LB, Freeziez, FightingBotInformal