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A DSL AI pack and mod since v2.2 made by Naryar. Currently at v2.7.

Considered (and aiming) to be the Starcore of DSL, it makes DSL AI bots much more of a challenge compared to the old ones.

Aims to have ONE THOUSAND bots in overall, then Naryar will stop. Currently it contains more than 700 bots clogged into an AI pack.


-A near-complete rebuild of all the DSL stock AI rebuilds (the 14 first teams).

-Replacing all the replicas by team-themed DSL bots. All replacements are his bots, excepted some.

-Entirely new teams built by him. Currently the v1.0 has six (Team18 to Team23) and v2.0 has eight.

-Finally, a virtually infinite amount of teams made by other builders, with a setup similar to the Starcore AI packs (1 LW, 1 MW, 1 HW, and 3 other bots). It also accepts AW's, BW's and SHW's (DSL official class - 1200 kg).

-v2.2 and newer versions contain actual modding of the game, leaving the DSL 2.1 strain and making this a mod.

Content of the pack so far

-The 15 original AI teams updated, along with the replicas being removed and replaced with more combat efficient machines that don't use cheatbot2

-Updated Arthrobotics team (comprised of AW's and BW's)

-Updated BBEANS team featuring the BBEANS 2 and 4 champions

-16 brand new teams by Naryar

-36 player-submitted teams, with some eventual rebuilds by Naryar

v1.1 was been released a few weeks after v1.0, fixing a few small problems.

Future Releases

NAR AI v2.2 (release date is scheduled for 10th February) will feature more bots and bot updates by Naryar, hopefully more builder teams, final fixes of v2.0 bugs and also component changes.

It does feature: -Hitpoints fix: ramplates, T-connectors, Y-connectors, angled connectors, multi-extenders, all motors, all pistons -New balanced parts (DarkRat pack) and Shrederator shell, Razer claw, Supernova disc, TDD sawblade -Component skins.


-Check here for releases of the pack (currently v1.0 and v1.1): [1]

-Check here for see how can you participate and other general questions: [2]

Also see the Robots in NAR AI category.


Team name Builder Motto LW MW HW Extra Extra Extra
Red Zone Naryar and Clickbeetle (Scout) "Where your bot will be after ten seconds with ours." Scout RED ALERT Second Sentinel AW-Intruder! BW-Code R.E.D Guard Duty
PREHISTORIC Naryar "Badder and still bloodthirsty! Or should we say "bot-thirsty" ?" Roly Poly Saber Teeth Grog, the Resurrection Silex Erectus Sapiens
Good Ol' Boys Naryar "Don't need nuthin' but my truck, my shotgun, my new bots, and my REVENGE!" Hammerhead Shark Blood Runner Rabid Grisly Bear Country Farmboy Redneck Patriot 2
Team Dragon Naryar and Craaig (Mikado 2) "Honor - you'll see what it means after fighting our bots." Ninja Samurai Shogun(NAR AI) Bushi Ronin SHW-Mikado 2
BLACK STORM Naryar "All the fear of the dark and all the force of a storm." Bot-206 Devil III Industrial Coal Miner Reaver Darkling Black Storm
Team SPARK Naryar "When SPARKs fly, robots die." BROKE! The Boxer's Revenge CRITICAL EMERGENCY Speed Freak Explosive Material Fast'N'Furious
Spike Heads Naryar "I'd like you to meet my big metal friend..." Raving M.A.D. Insanity Big Metal Friend Absurdity Feeblemind Asylum
North Polers Naryar "Literally, cold blooded killers" Tip of the Iceberg Iceberg Snowjob v2 Frenzied Snowman Hypothermia Frostbite
HIGH VOLTAGE Naryar "Nothing like 10,000 VAC to keep you awake and alert." FlipJack SlashBack 2 WIIIDE LOAD Thunderclap ElectroStatic Buzz Lightyear
Team HEX Naryar "We eat nuts and bolts for breakfast... and your bots for lunch !" Grim Chopper Lock Nut v2 Cranky Spanky Gearhead Clockwork Centurion 3 Crash Test 2
Team Z Naryar "Still cooler than you. Deadlier as well." Berserker Razorback v2 Eye Stabber Silver Star 2 741 SHW-Blade Wave
SteelYard Dawg Naryar and Urjak (FangY) "Our bite is worse than our bark, but our pushing power is the worst by far." Mangy Mutt Top Dog Bad Dog AW-Skinny Puppy BW-FangY SHW-Tough Dog 2
RIOT Naryar "Things are going to get even LOUDER!" Civil Uprising Deadly VENGEANCE Velociraptor Molotov REvolution The Anarchist's Cookbook
MEGATON Naryar "KABBBBOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!1" Explosive Stinger Tempest UnDeadbeat Impact Event Shockwave Cataclysm
The Scrappers Naryar "We scrap junk for a living, so your bots won't be a problem at all." 360 Arc Punder Ripblade III Backyard Shredder JunkMaker 3000 Scavenger SHW- Scrapyard Behemoth
BBEANS Champions MikeNCR (Smashbox 2), Jules, (Mako and Diarrhea Of A Madman), Meganerdbomb (Shebeast), Naryar (Hazardous Contraption), R0B0SH4RK, (Enfilad3) "The best of BBEANS, for your worst." Smashbox 2 Mako Shebeast Hazardous Contraption Enfilad3 Diarrhea Of A Madman
Robot Arena Reincarnated Naryar and Clickbeetle (Pon2n) "From the forgotten graves and rusting junk we rise again!" Gammaraze IV Topknot III ScootOrDie 2 Aquarius 2 Pon2n Triclops v3.0
Arthrobotics Naryar and Clickbeetle (Microwhirl, Nanowhirl, True Love) "Be warned... these bugs swat back." AW-Nanowhirl AW-Terminus BW-Microwhirl BW-True Love BW-Sheer Pressure BW-Robokillase
Stormraiders Naryar "Can your bots resist bad weather? We think not" Grey Cloud Djinn 2 Mjolnir 3 Ball Lightning Zephyr Century Storm
Team Despair Naryar "We have nothing to offer you but scrap, tears, toil and sweat" Sad Tale Ill Omen Agony Torment Dreadweaver Hope No More 3.2
Ordo Ignis Naryar "Kill it with fire !" Fireside Red Drake 4 Pyrotechnic Display 2 Fireball Hot Spot Smelter
In Darkest Night Naryar "You won't even see your bots losing!" Creature of Darkness Shadowmoon 4 Eclipse Erebus Black Dawn Night Terror
Earth Element Naryar "How can you fight the strength of the Earth Element?" The Digger Epicenter Rockslide Mining Drill Sarcophagus SHW-Genius Loci
Blood Thorns Naryar "Never underestimate the power of a sawblade on a Magmotor" LR-4 Battle Scar v6 Grim Ripper 6 AW-Scratchy BW-Rip It Off Good SHW-Flesh Feast
Alkali Metals H@zm47 "Brought to you by H@zm47" Sodium Lithium Potassium Rubidium Caesium Francium
Black Hole Philetbabe "Winning is relative" Quark Photon E=mc2 Standard Theory Black Matter Boson
The Deadpool Pwnator "Brought to you by Pwnator" Warhead Dreamcatcher Grey Matter Infection Paper Cut Monochrome
Team Destroyer JoeCB1991 "Destroying the opposition" Micro Destroyer Mini Destroyer Destroyer HP Micro Destroyer 2 Mini Destroyer 2 Destroyer WDB 2
Team Destroyer 2 JoeCB1991 "Still destroying the opposition" Micro Destroyer 4 Thumper 4 Rocket Launcher 3 Circle of Terror 3 Grinder 2 Destroyer FHP
ENT_toxic_X Shadow54 "Caution: extremely toxic" Gutsy Move +Plus+ Reanimation The Vortex Evil Slide Show
Happy King Cat Philetbabe "The king gets bored, give him some fun" Cat Black Panther Tiger Jaguar Felix Schrodinger's Cat
Legless Beasts Somebody "Brought to you by Somebody" Anaconda 2 Coral Snake Black Mamba 3 Pit Viper 2 Sidewinder 3 Water Moccasin 2
Monster Inside Philetbabe "Do NOT touch" Cutie Pretty Me Big Love BongL BongM BongH
Orcish Power Philetbabe "Nothing but rust and dust" Goblin Strike Half-Orc Hill Giant Icy Goblin The Machine Ogre
Overpowered Fly Philetbabe "A hundred eyes to see your teams" Mosquito Fly Swarm Blood Wasp New Game Spider Inside Play Evil
Team Psyco Urjak "We are Dementia" The Ugly Death On A Stick Purple Pest VeXxEd?! The Devil's Lime 2 Lousy Launcher V2
Team Ragnell Revamped The Ounce "We fight for our friends, with even more strength than before!" Hornet Drone Bullet Ant Civil Offense II AW-Hornet Larva BW-XBlade^2 Crosswind
Team Suicide Philetbabe "The power of negative thought" Call of the Tomb Overdose Poison of Maatet Medecine Bad Mood Hara-Kiri
TwisteD MetaL System32 "Brought to you by S32" Amolax BBEANS ? ? ? BW-Twist and Turn 3 ?
Twisters Urjak "Death at 318 MPH" Bane II Circle of Thorns III Devilish Charm BW-Spiraling Compass Weapon Array SHW-Hellish Charm
Wriddlers Wrath Urjak "The pen is mightier than the sword" Muddy Mauler Circle of Thorns Viscous Vandal AW-Nit-Picker Woozo The Devil's Cherry
Walking Dead Robotics Naryar "You'll join us in the grave..." Skeleton Warrior Wraith Lich Lord AW-Requiem BW-Bone Curse SHW-Resident Evil
Team Violence Naryar "RAWR !" Bloody Mess Deathwish Mindless Aggression 4 The Bot You Like To Hate Born Killer Dies Irae
Team Faggot Naryar "Absolutely no building skill" Tournament's Shame Cheap Win 1500 The Infamous One AW-Disco Fevah BW-Fag Roller SHW-Rainbow Freak
Bronze Age Naryar "And then the third race of man was created, and it was terrible and strong. They loved deeds of violence, and great was their strength." Spirit of Champions Warhammer Centurion II Blade Barrier Legionaire Blood Knight
Evil Corp. Naryar "Come to the dark side... we have cookies" Torture Device Fallen Hero Inhuman Treatment Schadenfreude Harbinger of Doom Genocide
Satanic Cult Naryar "All hells come loose !" Abyssal Spawn Devil's Advocate Storm Demon Dark Messiah Infernal Contraption 7.1 Blade Fiend
Bioengineering Lab Naryar "Pushing DNA really, really far" Cloning Mishap Carcinogen Mutated Aberration Mad Doctor's Assistant Genetic Plaything Crazy Experiment
Razor Team Naryar "Obvious weapon choice is obvious" Portable Sawmill Noisy Assassin Robotic Surgeon Keen Edge Hook Horror Barbed Scourge
The Assassinators The Ounce "All you have to do... is aim and shoot" Stiletto 4.0 Rapier Broadsword Telescopic Sight Hellish Uproar AW-Mercury Poisoning
Astral Travel 123savethewhales "Into space and beyond" Star Dust Core-Collapse Supernova Rotation-Powered Pulsar AW - Neutrino Morning Star XI SHW - Quasar
Blue and Green Trumpetguy "Now you know who made this team!" Singe 9 Claws of the Yeti Devil May Spin 3 AW-Gatling BW-Green, Blue Ninja Blue and Green (bot)
Celestial Objects The Ounce "The position of the planets tells me that your bots will soon be demolished" Eris Europa Hydrosphere AW-Ceres BW-Oberon SHW-Neptune
Dark Factory of Mass Production Scrap Daddy "Brought to you by Scrap Daddy" Ballista Disturbance Strategy Abyssal Designator AW-The Prodigy BW-Byter Evil Intent
The Diseased Scrap Daddy "Swine Flu has nothing on us !" Epidemic Pandemic Biological Warfare Area Control Infectious Disease QUARANTINE
The DOH Doomkiller "The Dangers of the Hospital are... deadly" Just a Cut... Infectious Virus Emergency Surgery Infectious Tools Speedy Recovery Forever Doomed
Fairy Tales Virus Bomb "Brought to you by Virus Bomb" Prince Harming Wyvern Knight In Rusty Armor Dragon BW-Princess Evil Princess
Team Hell G.K. "Don't expect to leave alive" Styx and Stonez Ecam's Avenger Charon's Payment AW - Hell Hound Vortex of Demonic Sublimination Reaper Four Power
1337 Horror Franchise Russian Roulette "Brought to you by Russian Roulette" 8UR13D 4L1V3 7H3 3X0RC157 7337H AW-CU83 Z3R0 BW-54W SHW-J0Y R1D3
The Inglorious Basterds Pwnator "Brought to you by Pwnator" The Apache The Bear Jew The Jew Hunter AW - The Little Man BW - Nation's Pride The Inglourious Basterd
Launch Vehicles Pwnator "Not your average carnival rides" Kinetic Energy Penetrator Mass Driver Particle Accelerator Ion Thruster Antimatter SHW - Dark Matter 2
Loaded Dice JoeBlo "Brought to you by JoeBlo" Snake Eyes Double Or Nothing Betting Limits Lucky 7s High Roller SHW-Double Down
Magical Land 123savethewhales "Where cows eat you" Funny Bunny Second Sunrise Arctic Fox Sky Whale II Cash Cow SHW - Holy Cow
Midnight Snacks 123savethewhales "Will they be eaten ? Or will you ?" Milk Shake Soda Pop Candy Bar French Fries Sloppy Joe SHW - Root Beer
Popular Mechanics Reier "Keep it stupid, simple." Short Circuit Zapper Ramjet AW-Pyro FuseD Hot Rod
The Resistance Reier "Resistance is NOT futile!" Combatant S Cargo Code Yellow BW - DeWalt Cadet Convoy
Team Rewind Urjak "Back to the future" Lasceron VeXxEd?! Vertical Impulse BW-Sub-Atomic Woozo The Devil's Maul
srezinwP G.K. & Squirrel_Monkey "!denwP" ymgyP ecivoN 75.5 ?iouQ tE 2 pergE BW - 2 esallikoboR SHW - 2 niarT niarreT llA
Team Uncia The Ounce "Brought to you by the Ounce" DiSemboweLment Iron Tumbleweed V Pulsar vX BW-Hornet Scout ReFraction SHW-Forcewind
Windstorms from Hell Badnik96 "Brought to you by Badnik96" Burning Z Hellcopter Evolution Hellcopter Alpha Spitfire HellBlade SHW-Flaming Tires
The n00b army S.T.C. "The evil n00bishness is coming..." Box Of Evil Noobishness n00b Scraper AW - That Annoying New Guy BW-n00b BoEN HW SHW- Destructive Noobishness
Organization XIII Badnik96 "We will stop at nothing to achieve Kingdom Hearts" Demyx, Wielder of Water Lexaeus, Wielder of Earth Xemnas, Nothingness Wielder Larxene, Wielder of Thunder Axel, Wielder of Fire SHW-Saix, Berserk Warrior
Infernal Retaliation Naryar "When the Planes burn and all life is torches, then we shall at last... be at peace..." Scorcher Crazed Arsonist Man On Fire AW-Mantle of Flame BW-Burning Desire UHW-Ultra High Temperature
The FFFUUUrious Four Naryar "Beating you with Amazing Rage" FFFUUUrious HS FFFUUUrious SnS FFFUUUrious Pusher FFFUUUrious VS
Team 42 G.K. "The Answer to Everything" Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Enigma X Marvin AW - Mostly Harmless BW - Deep Thought SHW - Plural Zone
Bloody Valentine Naryar "They say love hurts - we are proof of this." Bittersweet Heartbreaker Cupid Gone Wild AW-Gothic Lolita BW- Dagger Through Your Heart Broken Romance
Random Team Naryar "eht fo in ! soahC Die eman" Erratic Vortex DSL Lawbreaker Entropic Storm AW-Illlogic Probe BW-Chaos Grip SHW-Wrecktangle v3
Call of the Wild Naryar "We'll show you what is the survival of the fittest!" Aspect of the Beast Crown of Teeth Apex Predator v2.1 Karnivore Pack Hunter Savage Assault
Red Arcana Naryar "Destructive magic is the way forward !" Explosive Rune Battle Mage Death Spell Occult Sigil Bloodstained Ritual Crimson Magic
Arachnophobia Badnik "In the dead of night, when you are fast asleep, we will find you..." Spyder Byte Web-Spinner Queen Fang AW-The Spider in Your Bedroom BW-Exotic Species II SHW-Death Web
Rejects Ounce "You'll have no trouble beating these! :P" Mild Torture Tunneler Volcanic Upbringing Lightning Assassin Loss of Morality SHW-Encompassing Uproar
Sychotrons Pwnator "And they say size doesn't matter." Catalyst Abnegating Cecity Ergosphere Diffuser Singularity ThisBotLooksEerilyFamiliar
Atigravity Machines Pwnator "Experts in giving lectures on free fall" Ejector Jr. 3 Supercharger Flux Capacitor 2 Meteor Mash 2 Seismic toss Sky Uppercut
World War 2 090901 "Brought to you by 090901" Bot With MOVING Spikes USS Enterprise D-Day Machine Gun Hellcat Avenger
NCR Robotics MikeNCR "Brought to you by MikeNCR" ReActive Mr. Krinkle Conceptual Chaos Dire Dragonfly Autopsy Power Mad
Badass Inc. FOTEPX "If victory is sweet, we'll bite your tongue off!" Acornia 3 TwisterTron X300 Black Cyclone 2 Heart Removal Unit Capacity Breaker Invertigo
Nom Craaig "In Soviet Russia, Foods eat YOU !" Blood Orange Fuel MuchosWheelos risingSUN Frozen Yoghurt Mecha Eel 3.5
Bubblebots Bubbleman "A swarm of bubbles kills the bot" Scrapper Primary Scrapper Secondary Scrapper Turshery AW-Spin Pile BW-Bish Bosh Bash 2 Scrap Plastic
Team G.K. G.K. "Watch out, or the giant hammer in this arena will come down on you like a... giant... hammer ! " Lobos 3 Defiance of Asimov AAM? Never Minifridge 4 Fedex Uno 2 Grid
Nightfall 123savethewhales "By 123stw" Ram1 Sting Ray Spinner with Spikes 2 Clockwork IV Crawler II SHW-Death Star 2.1
Robotic Ruin Naryar "Ruin aplenty for everyone !" Calamity Critical Damage Beautiful Oblivion AW-Deep Cut BW-Tragic Event SHW-Shiva
Oddities Naryar "What is this team exactly" Rotatory Device Double Trouble Aerial Menace AW-Vicious Circle Spike Trap Scissors of Doom
Generic Team Naryar "Screw originality !" Super Generic Poker =O klone =P Yet Another Mako Ripoff Never Enough of These Standard Popup Built over 9000 times
Stellar Annihilators Naryar "You do know that star are giant nuclear bombs, right? What about meeting one up close?" Alpha Draconis Deneb Aldebaran Polaris Algol SHW-Sirius
Winter Armageddon Virus Bomb "Hell HAS frozen over." Black ice Snowburst Cryoseism AW-Ice Drop BliZZard Freezing Rain
Volcanic Cataclysm Virus Bomb "You don't want to be around when we go off!" Saint Helens Vesuvius Tambora Krakatau Novarupta SHW-Taupo
Badnik's Badniks Badnik96 "YO DAWG WE HERD U LIEK BADNIKS SO WE MADE BADNIK A TEAM ABOUT BADNIKS" Final Z Grawlix Red Dragon Ghost Circle ApocalypseoftheFreakyCircles Portable Slaughterhouse
Broken Physics Ounce "This game is full of it." High-Density Molecule Abstract Golem Schwarzschild Radius Anomalous War Machine kinetic Cycle SHW-Infinitude
Deathblow Ounce "Just try and survive the strike of the hammer!" Subsonic Shockwave Seismic Impact ReVerberation AW-Near Mirror-Image BW-Minor Impulse SHW-Epicycle
Broken Dream 123savethewhales "By 123stw" Wishing Star Core Extension Dream Catcher Swordfish 2 Fat Rat 2.71 SHW-king Rat 2
Gates FOTEPX "Do we really need a team based on GATES?" Gate Sentry Gate Keeper Gate Guardian AW-Gate Stabilizer BW-Gate Coupling SHW-Gate
Some more bots Pwnator "Moar bawhtz!" Accretion Disk Erasure 2 Quartermaster BW-Protostar Time Bomb SHW-Claymore
Even more bots Pwnator "EVEN MOAR BAWHTZ!1!" Contagion Concatention Excalibur II imperium II Pyrocumulonimbus SHW-Hexagon
Team Fez Martymidget "Fez's are cool" Blue Jet Drop Goal 2 The Beast of Truro I Saw You Last Night! Clowning Around 2.2 Hydra
Odds and Ends G.K. "We'll fry, whisk, cream, and stir you until you are a sumptious meal for our dogs" Scoop Utensil Eggbeater Sandwich Jukebox Whisk
Cartoon Violence Badnik96 "Don't worry, it's a cartoon. Nothing hurts in a cartoon." ACME Drill Hilariously Oversized Maller Clueless Surgeon AW-Courage the Cowardly Dog Hypno Blender 2 The Super Awesome Grindinator