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Clash Cubes is a series of tournaments created by JoeBlo that follow a key rule in which all entrees must have a cube-shaped chassis (hence the name. It has quickly grown into a well-appreciated tournament series, Second only to BBEANS in terms of overall popularity. In the Clash Cubes IV Sign ups Clickbeetle briefly renamed the topic to "BBEANS 7 Signups" due to the popularity..

Clash Cubes

File:Cc logo to be added later.jpg
Entry Size 12
Weight class: Heavyweight
Champion: Somebody
Arena Combat Zone


Afterburner 2 
XenoPhobik III 
Smash Down 
Cube Tank 
Cube not a disk or a Cylinder 
Lol another nub bot from me
Bushido's Beyatch 
Awful Red  Thing FOS
Grey Matter
Big Bad Brother 

Brackets & Videos

Clash Cubes II

File:Cc logo to be added later.jpg
Entry Size 22 + 6 Wildcards
Weight class: Super Heavyweight
Arena Robot Wars Arena
Champion: Condor33
Notes The First SHW Tournament and First to use a Wild Card system


  1. Man Manu
  2. Naryar 
  3. Reier 
  4. Doomkiller 
  6. Jack Daniels 
  7. Clickbeetle 
  8. Sage 
  9. Pwnator 
 10. RedlineM203 
 11. LiNcK 
 12. Craaig 
 13. Russian Roulette
 14. Scrap Daddy 
 15. Flying_Chao
 16. Condor33 
 17. Trumpetguy
 18. H@zm47
 19. Urjak 
 20. MikeNCR 
 21. SSG 
 22. System32 
 23. R1885 
 24. Somebody

Brackets & Videos

Clash Cubes 3

File:Cc logo to be added later.jpg
Entry Size 41
Weight class: Middleweight
Champion: Urjak
Arena Construction Site (Minus Hazards)

Clash Cubes IV

File:Cc logo to be added later.jpg
Entry Size 60
Weight class: Lightweight
Arena Clash Cubes Arena
Champion: R0B0SH4RK
Notes The First Clash Cubes of the "Blue Era"

Clash Cubes V

File:Cc logo to be added later.jpg
Entry Size 00
Weight class: Cruiserweight
Arena Clash Cubes Arena V2
Notes Expected start date unknown.

Clash Cubes AI Pack

JoeBlo also released a Clash Cubes AI pack. Version 1 of the pack included all past competitors from Clash Cubes 1 and Clash Cubes 2.

List of New Features/ Hidden Extras For Version 1 Included

  • Lost World Team featuring robots that were going to take part in Clash Cubes but for various reasons, didn't.
  • JoeBlo's personal Team Clash Cubes, featuring a SHW cluster bot that was intended for entry should the bracket not fill up.
  • All 3 Clash Cubes Anti Ballasts appear in one place with their own preview image.
  • Clash Cubes Themed UI
  • SnS AI for Cubinator, Bushido's Beyatch and Chain of Impending Doom
  • 4 New Qualifying Cube Bots that were originally prepared for CC3
  • A Cube Themed Version of the Rookie's bots
  • 3 Clash Cubes Events in the Team HQ calender

Joeblo left before V2 of the AI pack was ever released.