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Real Life Examples: Son of Whyachi, M.O.E., Hypno-disc, Tornado Mer., Hazard, Tombstone

Game Examples: Tornado, Berserker, REVENGE

As the name implies, it is a kind of bot whose weapons spin horizontally.

The most common weapons put on HS's are razor tips, iron spikes, and maces. Recently however, Bear Claws have become an increasingly popular weapon type due to their de-weaponing capabilities in comparison to the "Big Three".

Have a high ADC.

Commonly Known HS

An example of a 36HS

Pure HW HS, also called 36-weapon HS (abbreviated to 36HS), are bots with 36 maces (Absolute Chaos) or irons (Ultimatum). They are a common test of Stock building skill and one of the deadliest HS designs.

Theres not a distinct HS for MW or LW classes, but that could be changed in the future. 18 HS (MW) 12HS (MW) and 9HS (LW) and 6HS (LW) are all possibilities, but none will ever be as famous or influential as the 36HS.

A 36HS is the quick way to say "A Heavyweight Horizontal Spinner with 36 maces or iron spikes for weapons." 36HS are pretty much considered the standard HS design, as they quite effectively mix offense, speed, and power. The most known 36HS design was Absolute Chaos, built by Infiniteinertia and Sage. To build one, a builder must know at least how to eFFe glitch and stack batteries, but the ability to snapper load is recommended.

Requirements for a 36HS:

  • 4 HPZ weapon motors with tribars
  • 2 HPZ drive motors
  • 36 Iron Spikes or Maces for weapons (9 on each tribar)

They mostly have 9 weapons on each tribar on 4 HPZ's. You usually stack 2 Supervolts on them, and they mostly have 2WD HP Z-tek drive with Shiny Hubs or Slipperbottoms. Most of them are built with two Snapper II's, but Sage (the 36HS pioneer) built several with other component combinations: Just 2 Servos, 2 snapperII, and even 1 Snapper2.


HS's are very popular into the community now, and are one of the most built.

A respectable amount of members do love them.

The stars include InfiniteInertia's Absolute Chaos, Sage's Ultimatum, Starcore's Tempus Fugit (pretty much a legend in the LW division) and Fury (same in the MW division), and ACAMS's Death Warrant (did very well in the Tag Team Tournament partnered with Starcore's updated Fury (until this team was beaten by Sage and Sorrow when Fury tore up Death Warrant on it's way to their robots), Abrupt Decision and 2 Sinister (HS/Rammer hybrid).


  • High damage and knockback
  • The least drive reliant bot type
  • Does not need to face the enemy bot to deal damage
  • Spikeball mode can be used defensively
  • Difficult to pin down


  • Unstable, especially when losing weapons
  • Nearly no opponent control capabilities
  • Low armor
  • Slow
  • Spikeball mode tends to be poorly seen