Scourge of teh Galaxy

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Scourge of teh Galaxy
Political Stance Peacekeeper, Off-topic dweller
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With GoldenFox93, Sonny_Resetti, Chaosmancer, Jonzu95, Natef, kill343gs and several others
Grudges With 027 LB, because he hates anime and SoTG likes it
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 5/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Scourge is one of the few female members on the forum, other notable ones being Barbie and nerd500. She is also one of the few Scottish members on the forum, notable others being Kurt Wylde, System32 and NFX.

Scourge of teh Galaxy (Better known as SotG or Scourge, or Miss Tsundere) is a member on the Gametechmods forums. Statistically speaking through post counts, she is the most active female member to sign up on GTM, but seems to confine herself to the Junkyard.

She has built a fair amount of bots by this point, from the realistic and Lightweight pokerbot T-Mobile through slightly whacky SnSes like Spiky the Rustbucket, down to the aptly-named Trinity HS / SnS Helifapper and the klone of Suzaku's Absolute Spike Defense.

Within her first day on GTM, she accumulated the highest Post Per Day count, having done around 110 posts in just one day. However, there was a drop in her posting when she appeared to have left GTM.

Has earned more respect recently due to being less of a drama queen and contributing a bit more to the community.


Scourge has very little skill when it comes to bot-building, though she is improving steadily. She only uses Stock, and likes to say about how she beats EMERGENCY with all of her bots.


Scourge mainly creates SnS, however, she recently learned the mechanics of Crawlers and bots with servos, which she intends to incorporate into future bots. She is particularly fond of the Trinity glitch, and indeed glitches in general, and "build for the glitches" rather than competitively. In other words, she really likes to watch her bots explode/havok


Has DSL but doesn't use it.


Doesn't know the first thing about modding and doesn't want to.

Tournament Entries

Unless you count BotM or her challenges against Jonzu and Mr. AwesumSauce, none as of yet