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Mr. AwesumSauce
Rank Fat
Political Stance 눈 ͜ಎ눈
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With people I like, the second coming of Jesus Christ also known as Asbestosstar
Grudges With Mr. AwesumSauce
Is the first Veteran user to have never competed in BBEANS.

Joined May 7th, 2011.

In 2013, he, along with 090901, found a glitch called Advanced Stacking that allows for one to pull off a variety of stacks involving motors, namely Z-teks and Redbirds. A video tutorial can be found here.

He also has fully hosted 6 tournaments in total. Annihilator, War of the Giants, Around the World, Around the World 2, Super Smash Bots, and Maximum Overkill. Stock HW, DSL SHW, Stock LW, Stock MW, Stock HW, and Stock LW respectively.

On the 5th of December, 2017, Mr. AS got banned for 40 days for giving the recently-permabanned Avalanche his account. He has since served this time, and has not appeared in the GTM Forums, though he is on the GTM Discord from time to time.






Robo Zone 2: He entered with a Rammer named Anty C, which was a rebuild of one of his first antweights. It earned the most points of any bot (tied with Virus Bomb, but Mr. AS won the tie) with 50 points and finished 2nd in the final. It also won the Most Deadly and Best Rammer award.

RA2 Olympics: Lillehammer: Entered with EnRAGEd (Popup) which won the MW division.

All Round Bot Builder Championship: Entered with Mini - Dolsa II (Rammer), Micro Mole (HS), Fragment Reborn (Popup), Coastal (VS), and Unholy Mole (SnS).

The Kings: Entered and won 1st place with Jumbalaya II, a HS/Rammer hybrid.

RIP 4: Entered and won 1st place with KARL MARX IS MY HUSBANDO, a flail SnS.

BRITBONGS vs AMERIFATS: Entered and won 1st place with Adam and EVE Not Adam and STEVE, a trinity SnS.