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Rank Ultra Heavyweight
Political Stance Bot
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Allies With two dimensional girls
Grudges With DSL IRL
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william jones

Mechadino is a stock builder with average building skills.

He joined GTM on March 23rd, 2011.

Bot Building

Stock: Showcase

Notable Bots

VeNoM: A HW Rammer with 25 axes, he recognizes it as his first "good" bot. It was entered in Annihilator and got eliminated in the second round.

StarBurst: His first bot ever entered in a tournament. He has made a few updates of this old bot, StarBurst is a MW popup, and was entered in RoboLeague along with Matchbox, and Casters From The West.

R.A.M: His first bot ever made. He likes to look at it to see how much he's improved.

\/Crystal\/: One of his best MWs and one of his best bots in general. Crystal is a MW Poker with 14 maces and 2 icepicks. Crystal competed in Tusslers 4 and The Last One Standing - Stock Edition.

FrostBite: A LW HS with 6 maces. FrostBite competed in Evo-Bots: Bots That Evolve and won Tusslers 3, partnered with Badnik96's Astraphobia 2. Mechadino's first tournament win.

Thunderbolt: His first showcased bot, Thunderbolt is a MW Hammer with one samurai sword as a weapon. A re-creation of this bot won N00b Warz V.

SnowBallz: A LW HS with one snowplow, a bigvolt, and 6 maces, the first of its kind. SnowBallz competed in Death-Defying Decemberween Demolition Derby and Revolution. The version entered in Revolution used 6 irons instead of 6 maces.

Tournaments entered

RoboLeague: StarBurst (7 Points) MatchBox (6 Points) Casters from the West (4 Points)

Ironbot: BoomBox (Round 6) defeated Dexterhunter's Blood Shed in Round 1, Virus Bomb's Plutonium in the 2nd Round, Clickbeetle's Frag Beetle 2.1 in the 3rd Round, Squirrel_Monkey's One Way Ticket in the 4th Round, And in the 5th Round, Dexterhunter's Blood Shed again. BoomBox was KOed in the 6th Round by Trovaner's BlackVein.

Annihilator: VeNoM (Reached Round 2, in the same heat as Mr. AwesumSauce's RapidChain, Martymidget's Stealth DESTROYA, and the Byebot, SFTW)

Robot Wars Series 8: Astro (Round 1) Astro was defeated by 30 Black in it's first match.

See No Evil: Nebula (Tournament Unfinished)

CombatAnts 3: Tiny Titan (Grand Finale, 4th) In the First Round, Tiny Titan defeated Conraaa's Stinky Wizzletests and Badnik96's Spiiiiiiiiiiiiral. In the Grand Finale, Tiny Titan Lost to Venko's Shiny, ianh05's Ugly Duckling, and Badnik96's Spiiiiiiiiiiiiral. Placed in 4th place.

NORMIES VS FREAKS: Gone Tribal (Grand Finale, 2nd) In Group A, Gone Tribal defeated Mr. AS's 100% useless and the Byebot, But was beat by Venko's bot the grenade. In Semi-Final B, Gone Tribal defeated J's Gurren Mole and the Byebot, However was beat by Venko's bot the grenade yet again. In The Grand Finale, Gone Tribal defeated Mr. AS's Chi 33 and Venko's bot the grenade, But lost to Venko's HNEC. Placed Runner-Up.

Evo-Bots: Bots That Evolve: FrostBite, Hail Storm, and Blizzard. (Losers Bracket Round 3) Beat Venko 2-1 in the second round, Lost to 090901 2-1 in the 3rd. Beat Wolfsbane 3-0 in LB Round 1, Beat GameKing3 3-0 in LB Round 2. However, loses to 090901 Again in the LB Round 3 after he got chunked from the Winners Bracket by R1885. Hail Storm and Blizzard ended up getting the Zubat and Charizard Awards.

Battlebots 7: Metal Slug (Round of 32) Metal Slug was defeated by Badnik96's BuffaOWNED in it's first battle.

Tusslers 3: FrostBite (Mechadino) Astraphobia 2 (Badnik96) (Grand Finale, 1st) They went under the team name: "Team Redz". They defeated Team Rameses Nibblick the Third 2-0, THE FASHION POLICE 2-0, The Bag Of Kittens 2-0, And in the Grand Finale, THE FASHION POLICE 2-1. (back from the Loser Bracket.) They Placed 1st.

Natural Selection: Hail Storm (Round 1) Hail Storm was eliminated by Meat Grinder in the first round. It lasted 20.346 seconds.

Super Smash Bots: Arctic Punch (Round 8) Won the EMERGENCY bonus round, but was eventually knocked out of the tournament by Wacky Bob's Betwixt 2.0 and 090901's Windmill.

Battlebots 9: Horizon (Round of 32) Horizon defeated RedAce's Burning Point in it's first match. In it's second match it was defeated by Badnik96's bot Break the Targets: Hard Mode.

Tusslers 4: \/Crystal\/, See Ya!, Gone Tribal, and Hail Storm.

Maximum Overkill: CyberBully (Round 1) CyberBully was defeated by Kurt Wylde's bot Zeepy in it's first match. \/Emerald\/ (Round 3) Emerald won it's first match against NeighImACarrot's bot nonuniversalistove. It also won it's second match against kill343gs's bot M P Going Going Gone until being defeated by Mechadino's other bot, Lil' Bear. Scary-Go-Round (Round 4) Scary-Go-Round defeated Wacky Bob's bot Athaclem in the first round. In the second round it defeated Enigma's bot H.O.V.A and ian05's bot H.A.N.N.A in the 3rd. Scary-Go-Round was defeated by Virus Bomb's bot Nightmare Generator in the 4th round. YoYo (Round 1) YoYo was defeated by RedAce's bot Riptide in the first round. Lil' Bear (Round 4) In the first round, Lil' Bear defeated Xanoz's bot Face Value. Lil' Bear then defeated KOS's WeaponFireSpin and Mechadino's other bot Emerald in the 2nd and 3rd. Lil' Bear was then defeated by playzooki's My First LW r3 in the 4th.

The Last One Standing - Stock Edition: \/Crystal\/ (Round 2) Crystal defeated RPJK's Lost Eternity and yug1tom's Spin 2 Probably Lose in the first round. Crystal was defeated in the 2nd by ian05's Iron Rose and Enigma's True Lies. Crystal also defeated Wacky Bob's Paragon and freeziez's Day One in Grudge Matches.

The Great Round Robin 2 IRL: williamjones (#williamjones)

Blood Brothers: ProGlide (Mechadino) Mach 3 (Agaton) (Round 1)

Father and Son 2: williamjones + littlegay (Round 5-8)

Trios of Terror: AgitAtor, Inflammatory 2, InstigatoR (Losers Bracket Round 5) Placed 4th.

Kawaii Fun Time Death Match Extreme Waifu Edition :3: <3Crysty<3 (Round 1, Rumble 2)

Maximum Overkill 2: Armageddon: AW: Mars (Loser's Bracket R3+4) Radium (Grand Finale, 1st or 2nd) Radium Defeated RedAce's bot Morning Star 2 In Winner's Bracket R1. In Winner's Bracket R2, it defeated Thrackerzod's bot Red Ranger. Radium defeated Kungfooey242's bot Lil' Poker in Winner's Bracket R3+4, and then RedAce's bot Twirly, sending it to the final to fight Mr. AS's bot Sniper. The tournament was then never completed. BW: RandaSmellsLikeGarbage, High Roller, Malware. LW: OverBurN, RADiATiON, ParaSiTE, RepTiLE, Inflammatory 3, Scary-Go-Round, Nephthys, BlacK BeaR, FlapJax. MW: \InVader/, TiTAN, StarBurst III, \/Crystal\/. HW: RuMbleR, NeBula, /\WrAtH\/, \ToothLess/. (Tournament Unfinished)

Plan B: #TeamUWILLBEEATEN: he will eate u, Dragon's Amusement (Round One) he will eate u was defeated by Sircreepalot2's bot MCFREAKINGLOSEIT In the first round. Dragon's Amusement had a large chunk of the grudge matches dedicated to it.

Ironbot Jr.: RADiATiON (Grand Finale, 4th) HUNGRY HUNGRY HOMOVORE (Grand Finale, 3rd)

The RA2 League: The Swag Hags: NeBula, /\WrAth\/ (Tournament Unfinished)

Death-Defying Decemberween Demolition Derby: SnowBallz (Loser's Round 3)

N00b Warz V: Thunder Bolt (Grand Finale, 1st) Thunder Bolt Defeated Kurt Wylde's bot NOOB WARS ROBOT in the Final Round. It placed 1st.

The Cauldron: StarBurst III (Loser's Bracket Round 1)

crapcan derby: StarBurst III (Loser's Bracket Round 2, Rumble 2)

Revolution: SnowBallz (Round 4B)

The Battle Arcade: Moonlight (Grand Finale, 2nd)

[this is not fully updated and does not contain all entries]

Tournaments hosted

Robo Revolution - A Stock LW tourney won by RedAce's Meltdown.

Challenge Entries

Record: 3-5

vs Badnik96 (Stock MW) [DQ]

vs GarvinTheGreat and Mr. AwesumSauce (Stock HW) [LOSS]

vs RedAce (Stock MW) [LOSS]

vs RedAce (Stock HW) [LOSS]

vs Sircreepalot2 (Stock HW) [WIN]

vs RedAce (Stock LW) [WIN]

vs Lightning S. (Stock MW) [WIN]

vs Gauche Suede vs Silverfish vs RedAce (Stock HW) [LOSS]