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Rank Forum Member
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Once made a "fake" overdramatic story that ended up being a copypasta.

A relatively long time member, RpJk joined GTM in May 2011.

He has played RA2 since about 2004 but only started playing competitively when he joined the forums in 2011. Originally came off as immature with a complete lack of understanding of how competitive RA2 worked and even disliking the way it was done. Both behaviour and skill slowly improved over time.

Stopped playing it around Late 2014 and has left the forum seemingly permanently until 2020 he began to visit once in a while, mostly to see the direction on the community, even though it has mainly migrated to Discord.

He now resides on Smashboards and is a part of the small group of artists and writers that showcase there, being thankful that GTM is where he started. Considers RA2 to be one of the most important games he has played in his life as it introduced him to the online community and social media in general.

In lieu of his 10th Anniversary he has now left hopefully permanently.

Building skill

Stock - Only created in Stock. Was a fan of making Vertical Spinners and Popups. Still has the vanilla version on his desktop to this day but never touches it.

DSL - Didn't build at all.

Ironforge - Has played and enjoyed it.

Notable Robots

Psynergetic Theory/Vortex/Chaos series - Known by their purple-blue texture and the similar design of each other. These are three Stock Vertical Spinners over three weight classes.

Wave Priest - A IRL flipper entered in Jonzu95`s Robot Wars series 8 tournament. Got to the second round of series semi-finals but lost to reigning Champion Typhoon 2.

Etro's Champion - A stock MW popup that competed in Natural Selection. Came 7th. The name Etro also comes from Final Fantasy mythology.