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Rank Designer / Veteran
Political Stance Peacekeeper, Innovationalist, Last Objective.
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With BeetleBros (masters), Madiaba, Doomkiller, H@zm47, Craaig, Thyrus, Ounce, Pwnator, G.K., Naryar, 123savethewhales, Ianh05 & SKBT
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 35/100
Respect Rating Rating 4.gif 70/100
JoeBlo strives to win the Most Original or Creative Awards in Tournaments as opposed to winning matches)
Memorable Quote

JoeBlo joined in January 2009 and is well known for his innovation and impressive dominance in Splash/Voting based tournaments, achieve 14 victories including 11 BOTM wins. JoeBlo is noted as being a kind helpful member towards others and a large contributor to the community.

JoeBlo is a Global Moderator on GameTechMods and also used to manage the Tournaments and Contests section on the forum.

JoeBlo has been working on a new conversion mod for RA2 called "RA2: Backlash" since late 2009, All of JoeBlo's tournaments, downloads and mods can be found on his website

Achievements - Tournaments

  • Bot Of The Month 2009 Winner (June, August, October, November)
  • Bot Of The Month 2010 Winner (May, June, July, September, November)
  • Bot Of The Month 2011 Winner (May, October)
  • RODE Tribute Tournament Winner.
  • Robot Skinning Tournament 4 Winner.
  • Robot Design Tournament 3 Winner.
  • System32's Design A New Bot Type Challenge Winner (Internal Spinner Design, Spin Within)
  • Doomed Bots Most Original Design (First Interchangeable Weapon Robot, Iron Outlaw)
  • CombatAnts Best Built Robot (Shuffle Robot, Centrifugal Force)
  • Wheely Tag Tournament Teamed with Craaig, 3rd Place Overall, Winner of Funniest Tournament Moment(s)
  • Replica Wars 4th Place Overall.
  • CombatAnts 2 Coolest Robot (Shuffle/ Walker Robot, Centrifugal Fury)
  • UK vs USA Best Replica.
  • Clash Cubes 3 Grand Final Runner Up.
  • Tag Team Tornado Teamed with Naryar, Winner.
  • Winds Of Change Winner, Coolest Robot.
  • The Amazing Rage Most Original/Creative Robot.
  • RA2 Team Championships Voted Team 4's Best Bot, Undefeated in the Bracket.
  • Back To The Beginnings 3 4th Place Overall.

Achievements - Forum Awards

  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Most Crafty
  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Friendliest
  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Funniest
  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Joint Most Optimistic
  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Most likely to STAY on topic
  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Most Honest and
  • GTM 2009 Forum Awards Best Ideas.

  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best Avatar
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Friendliest
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Most Optimistic
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Kindest
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Most Honest (Joint)
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best Forum Contributor (Joint)
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best Robot Skinner
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best New Component
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best Mod Ideas
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best Mod Skinner
  • GTM 2010 Forum Awards Best Overall Modder

  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Most Optimistic (Joint)
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Contributor
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Bot Skinner (Joint)
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Tournament (Clash Cubes IV) (Joint)
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Tournament Final (Clash Cubes IV)
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best New (
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Ideas
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Skinner
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Innovator
  • GTM 2011 Forum Awards Best Overall Modder

  • 2011 Ranks Currently Ranked 2nd Top Contributor.

Tournament Running / Involvement

  • Clash Cubes - JoeBlo first created the DSL Heavyweight tournament called Clash Cubes in April. The tournament was innovative in the fact that the main restriction was that fact all of the entrants' chassis had to be cube shaped. The tournament was a little slow starting out but after it was completed interest towards JoeBlo's tournaments was improved greatly.
  • Clash Cubes 2 - JoeBlo ran a follow-up to Clash Cubes which was one of the few SuperHeavyWeight tournaments in existence. The sheer announcement of it spawned a lot of showcased SHW's. Several people wanted to join after entries were closed, The tournament debuted a "Wild Card" system for the last 6 robots fighting for the last place of the 24 available for the tournament. The concept is now frequently used in other tournaments.
  • Clash Cubes 3 - The third, MW version to complete the trilogy was the biggest yet. Almost every active DSL Builder in the community at the time built a robot for the tournament, JoeBlo in the end receiving 40 entries and for the first time entering himself, The final total of 41 entrants was the highest tournament size at the time, only surpassed now by BBEANS 6. CC3 Featured a brand new arena JoeBlo and Madiaba had worked on with moving walls, constantly changing the environment from enclosed to tabletop.
  • Clash Cubes 4 - Was never originally planned but was brought back by popular demand, The tournament is currently in progress and features a brand new Clash Cubes arena and an entry list of 60 which has taken the record of second largest DSL tournament from Clash Cubes 3.
  • RODE Tribute Tournament - JoeBlo assisted in filming videos for MetalikVyper's tournament The RODE Tribute Tournament due to a few robots that were refusing to work periodically on various Robot Arena versions.
  • King Of Karnage - a new tournament JoeBlo completed in late 2009, a difference from most tournaments is that it is a jousting tournament using the Legendary Lu-Tze's Jousting Arena.
  • Doomed Bots - A tournament run by Doomkiller, JoeBlo made the brackets, arena and prizes for the tourney. JoeBlo also helped with the filming by doing the loser bracket.
  • Epic Showdown - A small series of grudge matches between Pwnator & Ounce versing Naryar (with him submitting two robots). The concept was sparked by Ounce posting his Juggler defeating one of Naryars followed by the post by Pwnator "I hope both of our bots can beat Nary's", then Naryar boldly accepted the challenge which he then lost, winning one fight and losing three.
  • USA vs UK - Zog's original tournament idea for replicas from the USA circuit taking on Replicas from the UK robot combat circuit. after signups Zog ran into multiple problems and ultimately decided he was not ready to host a tournament. Using Zog's idea and the original entrants, JoeBlo took the tournament and put the videos out at a quick rate.

Modifications Directing / Involvement

  • CCAI - JoeBlo created the Clash Cubes AI pack which was not be like a traditional AI pack but rather a pack for people to see how there bots would have fared against others they didnt face or test new creations for future Clash Cubes events,
  • CCAI 2 - The follow up to CCAI, production was postponed due to the surge in AI packs being put out in the community at the time, expected to go into re-production after CCIV
  • RA2: Backlash - is a standalone RA2 version that amps up the damage, speed and power of motors, drive, weapons, etc and reduces the HP and fracture of everything, thus making it really destructive. the Game is targeted at spinner robots and as a result are the only legal bot type, at the current stage JoeBlo has constructed 9 new arenas, 31 new components and a completely new UI including Music and new sound effects for this mod.

Notable Robots

The Iron Outlaws - A swarm of Robots that act as a single middleweight, the robots are all identical except for the weapon system on the end of an internal DDT, JoeBlo could then specify which will compete in a match essentially having a robot with interchangeable weaponry. It is noted as the first of its kind to enter an AI tournament. (Doomed Bots)

Servo Boosting Series - starting as an expansion on the work by Firebeetle on Gyratory Revolt, JoeBlo has discovered various forms of Servo boosting robots and has since been known for using servo motors in building, for further reading see Servo Boosting

Chocolate Series - The gimmick started out with JoeBlo's BOTM entry "Chocolate" "The Tasty Fullbody Hammer" much to JoeBlo's surprise the concept was well liked by the community spawning a series of DSL counterparts that were entered in The Amazing Rage

Pyro/ Octane Series - More Exploit work and a general love of fire from JoeBlo, a series of flamethrower robots, mostly SnS and Shell Spinners that utilized a range of Flamethrower strategies, for further reading see Octane Glitch

Strafe Series - Robots that utilized a strafe strategy incorporated with normal movement to dodge others, was first present on JoeBlo's robot "Crossfire" but made its first public appearance on Sage and JoeBlo's BOTM winning "Blitzkrieg"

Road Series - Perhaps the less unique series of JoeBlo's but growing to be well known for the crossed weapons set up on rammers, "T-Road 4" was the joint winner of Tag Tam Tornado with Naryar's robot Crown of Teeth. The name came from a term to describe a 3 way junction, adapted to the robot becasue it was intended to stop those that go straight forward into it.