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Builder: Somestrangeguy
Weight class: MiddleWeight
Armour: DSA
Weapon: 6 Irons and 6 Razors
Weapon power: Ztek
Drive: Ztek
Tournament wins: Round 1 win against No Rear Entry (BOTB), Round 2 win agaisnt Cheap Win 5000 2-0 (Doomed Bots), Round 3 win agianst Reshade3 2-1
Tournament Losses: Round 1 loss against Hyperdrive 2 (KO,TKO, Doomed bots), Round 4 loss agianst Fury 2-0

Minesweeper is a MW FS and Somestrangeguy's signature bot for being entered in 4 different tournaments. It has also been not only in Brawl of the Builders, but ARBBC, Doomed Bots and RAW 2 as well. In Doomed Bots, it had a first round loss agianst Hyperdrive 2. Chewed up Cheap Win 5000 before defeating the vs, Reshade3. Fury made a rightful mess of Minesweeper to knock it out of the tournament.

What Doomkiller listed as it's Advantage and Disadvantage are:

Advantage: Gut-Ripping Power

Disadvantage: Exposed Motors