Infernal Contraption

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Series of HW Jugglers built by Naryar

Infernal Contraption

The first InfCon had actually four TWM3R spinners with only small beater bars on them and no steel plow. Two of the spinners were mounted on axle wedges, but that proved to be a terrible idea because the damage was reduced, and it was hard to make realistic.

Infernal Contraption 2

Infernal Contraption 2


Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 4 large Beater Bars, 4 medium Beater Bars and 4 razor tips on 2 Discs

2 static Cutting teeth

Weapon power: 2 TWM3R2 Motors, Drive to keep robot on discs
Drive: 4 NPC-T64 Fast Motors
Armor: 5 MM Titanium
Awards: RAW 1 rumble winner, Best Built Bot
Tournament wins: Round 1: Beats Lu-Tze (RAW) 2-1, Round 2: Beats Skurge 2-1; Round 4: Beats Psi 3-0, Round 5: Beats Lu-Tze (RAW) 2-1
Tournament Losses: Round 3: Loses to Mako 4 1-2; Round 6: Loses to Good Bye Blue Sky 0-3
Trivia: Infernal Contraption 2 was the only Juggler in RAW 1.

Infernal Contraption 2 is basically Hazardous Contraption's big brother.

Entering into RAW, it was one of the favorites to start with (benefiting of his little brother's rising fame in BBEANS 4), but Naryar always had a feeling that it would be weaker than the former.

First fight it won against Lu-Tze in a pretty much acrobatic match, but got inverted and immobilized, something Hazcon NEVER was.

A surprise appeared when Ice the frosty cat's Side Hammer went under InfCon three times, the first using Infcon's great speed against it and serving as a ramp for InfCon to fly OOTA. But on the second and third fights, Infcon managed to stay upright, flanked Skurge and won 2-1.

Then, Infernal Contraption fought Mako 4, but in Naryar's words "drove like a bitch", and lost in a very close match, getting a TKO.

On the loser's bracket, it eliminated in a row Psi and Lu-Tze which ironically worked the same way as InfCon did (great speed, wedgy, and a gut-ripping weapon). Infernal Contraption dominated Psi, but had a great match with Lu-Tze where both of the robots gave their best, and InfCon finally shown some HazCon spirit (a.k.a. "pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat" on the losers bracket).

Then in a French VS French battle, it lost three times by points to the runner-up Good Bye Blue Sky, because GBBS was actually very defensive and Infcon couldn't make the KO in time/lost all it's weapons.

In the rumble, the rivals InfCon and obZen clashed whereas Mako 4 was destroying Reier's Mutant Dragonfly III. After some good fight, Infcon finally went under obZen, munching on it's chassis. But it overdo a move, and obZen (with a critically damaged chassis) fell back to the ground behind it's opponent, pinned Infernal Contraption on the corner and began to strike Infcon's right set of wheels.

It ripped the wheels and would most probably have won but Mako 4, having finished it's fight with a now dead MDIII, attacked obZen by behind, KOing it easily and took on a helpless InfCon.

After some mauling, a bad move inverted both of Mako 4 and Infernal Contraption 2, Mako 4 got immobilized because of it's inability to self right or even move inverted, whereas Infernal Contraption could drift on it's spinners when inverted.

The grudge match (asked by R0B0SH4RK) between InfCon and obZen started like their rumble encounter, Infernal Contraption could not go under obZen's lower wedges but under it's upper wedges. obZen attacked Infcon's frontal steel sheets and destroyed one, but a bad move allowed InfCon to flank obZen, went under it and this time the juggler didn't let go of the popup. Infernal Contraption won by KO.

Modern versions (unshowcased)

  • Infernal Contraption 3

Main update was wedges. It featured metal hinged skirts, plus titanium wedge-like sheets on the sides for more protection, also with an update on the rear plastic stabilizer (but this update actuallly made it less efficient). Also, the side teeth were removed.

  • Infernal Contraption 4

Had a little more battery power than the second version and burst wedges, that increased it's wedginess.

  • Infernal Contraption 6

Roughly built 10 months after the last one. It now benefits from most of Naryar's additional experience.