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The Starcore AI packs are probably the hardest and best made AI packs ever created (Though the PYS AI pack is better than V3, but isn't nearly as good as V4). Created of course by Starcore with contributions by many of the best builders of the time, there are four different AI packs, the fourth one being the hardest and best designed. The third Starcore pack saw the inclusion of some pretty devastating and well known designs, such as Neglected Waterbug, Little Darling, Rabid Pit Bull, and Tempus Fugit. The fourth pack was predominately updated to DSA where possible and rebuilds to improve based on newer learnings.

To teach by example, bots vary across:


Team name Motto LW MW HW Extra Extra Extra
Spin Doctors We'll make you a smash hit! Tempus Fugit Fury Maelstrom AW-Logic Probe BW-Graviton Matrix Array/Spin Doctor
Alien Invasion They're here. Drone Praetorian Alien Queen AW-Chest Burster BW-Facehugger Predator
The PIT Paragon Institute of Technology Poptart Ultraviolet Vortex CE AW-VR Rino BW-Bird of Prey Rabid Pit Bull
Secom Security Services 30 years experience in mobile robotics. Sentinel Observer Intruder Alert Tempest Exterminator AW-Halt,who goes there? BW-None Shall Pass Lethal Force
Three Billy Goats Gruff We eat anything and everything! Billy Goat Gruff Billy Goat Gruffier Billy Goat Gruffiest AW-Billy The Kid BW-Billy Goat Gruffy The Troll
Orbital Launch Team How's the view from up there? Sub Orbital Launch Platform One Orbital Delivery Vehicle AW-Launch Platform Zero BW-Stratosphere 3-2-1 Blastoff!
Team Jabberwocky Twas brillig, and the slighy toves, did gyre and gimble in the wabe... Jubjub Bird Bandersnatch Jabberwock AW-Vorpal Bunny BW-Slithy Tove Mome Rath
Sheep Squad Baaaaa, Ram, Ewe! Battering Lamb Battering Ewe Battering Ram AW-The Sheperd BW-Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Flying Sheep
Sky Net Are you Sarah Conner?! Aerial HK T-400 Infiltrator Hunter Killer Tank AW-T-125 Burger Flipper BW-Mini-Hunter T-800 Terminator
Borg Collective We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Eagle Borg Scout Borg Drone Borg Queen AW-Borgette BW-Gravitic Mine SHW-Locutus of The Borg
Eye of the Storm We'll tear you apart! Cyclone Hurricane Jupiter AW-Whirlwind BW-Tsunami Tidal Wave
The Grave Diggers R.I.P - Rest in pieces. Reaper Pandora's Box Death Cloud AW-Zombie BW-Ghoul Leprosy
King Arthur's Court Might makes right! Castle Guard Man-At-Arms / Trebuchet Lancealot AW-BattleANT BW-Squire Black Knight
Team Atlantis Up from the murky depths we rise... Whirlpool Tentacle Attack Kraken AW-Riptide BW-Piranha Ancient Leviathan
Acme Moving Men Look what fell off the truck! Hey, how do you turn this thing on? Scrap Box Caution:Hazardous Contents Express Delivery AW-Wooden Box On A Stick BW-Nailgun Battlebox
Rust Factory Brought to you by Rejected Reckless Infiltrator Acrid Clockwork Hydra AW-Expendable Automation Vox Neglected Waterbug
Grampa's Shed Brought to you by Clutch Robo Rake Bucket of Nails Wide Cut AW-Old Tin Can BW-Tini Tetanus Shedanator
ACAMS Cleaning Service Brought to you by ACAMS Duster Sweeper Street Sweeper AW-Wisk Broom BW-Scrubber Sanitizer
Spam! Spam! Spam! Brought to you by Diablo Click Me! Win! Win! WIN! Spaminator 2: Judgement Day Ad-Aware BW-Lose More Weight! Ultimate Spammer
1337 SPEEKERS Brought to you by Eyce Uber 1337 1337: Breakdown 1337 Speek 2.0 AW-IBK, Idiot Behind Keyboard BW-Bann3d Alpha
Infestation Brought to you by Foolishevil Blood Leech RoAcH Insectoid Aedes Scabies Papa Roach
C2 Robotics Brought to you by C2 Black Bull Mutiny 2 Rebel 2 AW-Rebel BW-Rhino Anti Epic
EHB Brought to you by Spawngeek Wee VS Happy Returns Spikefan Octomini Xtreme Chopsticks Little Darling
Carnival Mayhem Brought to you by Foolishevil Bitter Box Box of Pure Evil Infernium Crimson Fury Extreme Mr. Hell Cideous
Team XORB Brought to you by Jimxorb Phale XZAI 2 Ranacide 3 Mantanca 2 Jyro SHW-Warlock
Mythbots Brought to you by Viper Anulbis Orcus Osiris Loki BW-Odin Poseidon
Team Ultimatum Brought to you by EpicentrE Zenith 12xrt Epic Epic Jr. Synergy Void
Team Emergency Brought to you by WardenX Breakout Emergency Fly-By Final Operation Blades of Life Emergency Launch Fatal Incision
ACAMS Anti-Wedge Wedge elimination specialists WedgeWacker LW/Child's Play IV Wedge-B-Gone/Death Trap WedgeWacker HW AW-Wedge X BW-Wedge Y SHW-Alligator
Happy Bees Brought to you by Rejected The Odd Bee Dizzy Bees Bee Keeper Exploding Bees Robotic Bee Possesed Bee
Spinners of Doom Brought to you by ACAMS Mini-Mauler/Jason Extreamliner/Death Warrant Lethal Weapon/2 Sinister Texas Twister Crawler/Abrupt Decision ACME Brick/SHW-EBOLA
Past-Present-Future Brought to you by Arititan Tick Tock Green Time Vortex Bloody Pendulum Inside The Clock Time Pixie SHW-Cactus Jack
Team SpaceStation Brought to you by Gemini Orion's Fury Critical Contact Alien Predator Air Supply Max Power Meteor
The Mafia Brought to you by Clutch Button Man Dirty Money Tommy Gun AW-Johnny Law BW-Getaway Car The Don
Team Karnage Brought to you by Karnage Klip Mini Karnage Karnage AW-Knat Bite BW-Big Knat Bite Super Karnage
Team 35 Illicit Gentleman Ganja Benefactor Hostile Assault AW-Delinquent BW-Racketeer SHW-Corrupt Judge