Neglected Waterbug

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Neglected Waterbug
Builder: Rejected
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 8 Irons, 6 Razors and 4 Maces
Weapon power: 2 HP-Zteks
Drive: 4 HP-Zteks
Armor: DSA

Neglected Waterbug is the second HW in the Rust Factory team.

One of the first Jugglers, if not the juggler, and a both legendary and fearsome robot. If it can get under your bot, it is very likely dead.

Has by far the best wedges of the pack (Getting under Neglected Waterbug's wedges head-on is considered important achievement in a builder's career), and thus considered by some as the best SCv3 bot.

It doesn't deal as much damage as some popups, but it is excellent at pinning bots against a wall thanks to the plow that keeps the opponents from driving over it.

The main issue is it's not invertible.

Several Neglected Waterbug clones have been entered into tournaments, with the most notable being the BBEANS4 winner, Hazardous Contraption.