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The "Post Rank" on Gametechmods consist of nine distinct levels, and you move up the levels as you accumulate more posts.

The standard post ranks are named after the weight classes (official and unofficial) of robot combat, specifically the classes of RA2, and include:

  • New Member (0-1)
  • Antweight (2-125)
  • Beetleweight (126-175)
  • Lightweight (176-249)
  • Middleweight (250-399)
  • Heavyweight (400-800)
  • Super Heavyweight (801-1200)
  • Ultra Heavyweight (1201-5000)
  • Giga Heavyweight (5001+)

Besides these six standard levels, there are also some membergroups awarded by nomination.

  • Limited - A "Limited" user has been punished by the Admins/Mods and has a limit set on posts and PMs, no longer used.
  • Advanced User (Orange-Gold Title) - A rank that is given to few of the very active contributors to the forums.
  • Veteran (Purple title) - Generally a user who has been a member of the RA2 community for a long time.
  • Roboteer (Brown) - Given to members that make real combat robots.
  • Tech Advisor (Maroon) - Given to members that are skilled in the technical aspects of RA2.
  • Mega Host (Green) - A yearly title given to those who've hosted several tournaments, It is no longer used however.

There are also 2 ranks given out to forum staff.

  • Administrator (Red) - An admin of the site - they run the forum.
  • Global Moderator (Blue) and it's variants, such as Designer, RefBot and Justice Incarnate. These guys are the forum moderators and keep a watchful eye over proceedings.

In addition, there are also custom ranks that have been given out over the years.

  • Spiderweight - A custom title given to Urjak due to his love for spiders.
  • SquirrelMonkeyweight - Custom title give to Squirrel_Monkey but because of members started to get jealous it was changed back.
  • Forum Sweetie - A custom title given to Barbie.
  • n00bweight, Advanced Veteran, or similar - a person seen to the Admins or Moderators to be a n00b. Used when a user acts (really) stupid and is usually temporary.
  • Limburgerweight - A custom title given to Hydro for his love of cheese (Limburger Cheese). Probably because he stopped spamming about cheese, it was swapped back for Super Heavyweight.
  • Spamweight - A title given to Hydro and Craaig for a short time due to their spamming.
  • Pre-Banned-weight - A former title given to LRA2 as a warning. He is now fully banned.
  • CHEATERweight - another title given to LRA2 because his entry for ACAMS's Robot Building Contest #4 contains a GMF-swapped component.