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Jugglers are a special type of Gut-ripping spinner.

They need a good wedge and a fast drive train. Their weapons are attached on spinning discs (placed horizontally like disc HS but they are on top of the bot, or alternatively covering the wedge of the bot).

Have a high ADC, and can be killers if built right.

The tactic is rushing on the opponent, getting under, and staying under as the horizontal spinners grinds the other bot's undersides.

They are so called due to the "Juggling" effect they create.

Nearly all of them have two discs, but there are variations - a juggler with only one disc is called a TS.

The typical juggler is Neglected Waterbug. Despite being more than 4 years old, it is still recognized as a famous and good bot.

Other Jugglers:


  • Continuous damage
  • Fast and agile
  • Wedgy
  • Good opponent control ability


  • Like popups, 1vs1 specialists
  • Most jugglers cannot self-right